Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: Bowling Alleys

Into the Valley: Harry Levy to deliver Jet-Pong novelty into the UK

Harry Levy Jet Pong IAAPA
Harry Levy has signed an exclusive agreement that will bring Valley-Dynamo’s successful Jet-Pong novelty game into the UK market

Hollywood Bowl raise £30m to invest ahead of May reopening

Hollywood Bowl expansion
With 9 new centres on the horizon, and three expected to be completed by the end of the year, Hollywood Bowl has earmarked £30m in raised capital to go towards improving its entertainment offer - including more arcades.

Ho ho no: Government unveils new post-lockdown restrictions

Government unveils post lockdown restrictions Boris Johnson
The government’s Covid-19 Winter Plan will see FECs and AGCs both facing closure in tier-three zones, whilst a further tightening on pub-trading has led UK Hospitality to claim that the government is “killing Christmas”. But that’s not the only thing the counter-Covid campaign is killing.

United Distributing Company – Bringing out all the game changers

Coinslot UDC United Distributing Company Lara Croft
UDC is prepared for another successful year of redemption games, featuring a wide new selection of games to fill every FEC. According to London’s United Distributing Company, things continue to look bright in the redemption game market for 2017. Feedback from customers and sales figures show that 2016 was a bumper year for redemption games and the number of paper...