Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Off The Record Boris Johnson / Peppa Pig / PPE / HMRC / Covid strategy

Peppa Pig Boris Johnson Comment
If Boris loses the plot who could be the next incumbent to redecorate the Number 10 flat, why the Commission could be excused for breathing a big sigh of relief and who’s for a trip to the 8th most popular amusement park in the world?

Off The Record

Brighton Pier Off The Record Labour Conference John Whittingdale energy crisis
Off The Record laments the loss of John Whittingdale, predicts a bumpy Conference ride for Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and explains why rising energy costs are a body blow to the AGC business.

Off The Record: Spotless Machines / Bank Holidays / Raab / Don’t Cross Carrie / Benefits

Boris Johnson Carrie off the record spotless machines TUC bank holidays
Why it pays to keep gaming machines spotless, the power of Carrie and why the industry should join forces with the TUC - hot topics covered by Coinslot’s mystery Arcadian in this week’s edition of Off The Record.

Johnson announces vaccine passport for nightclubs

Vaccine passport nightclubs
In what Night-Time Industries Association boss Michael Kill calls “yet another chaotic U-turn”, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the government’s intention to implement a vaccine passport for nightclubs - and potentially for pubs. Anyone else on conveyor belt?

Comment: Time to confront the antivaxers / If you want to lockdown, then you lockdown / Good news, bad news

Sketch Comment 2741 lockdown restrictions ending
There was a surprising kickback from some quarters to Boris Johnson’s determination to remove Covid restrictions this week. And it seems to be coming from..

Government determined to honour July 19 Covid relaxation promise

Sajid Javid freedom day July 19
The government has gone as far as it could to reassure the public that it will make good on its promise to remove Covid-restrictions on ‘freedom day’, albeit with caveats and some messy rules still to resolve.

Off The Record: Johnson gamble has to pay-off – for everyone!

UK Parliament Jessica Taylor - Boris Johnson freedom day gamble
Why it’s impossible to escape the football, Johnson’s big gamble, the inexorable decline of the high street and how Coinslot chimes with the Mayor’s Office. All topics covered in this week’s Off The Record.

Now’s the time to Build a Bonfire of EU red tape

EU red tape off the record
OTR asks what’s motivating the pugnacious Nicola Sturgeon, why weddings are limited to 30 guests but it’s possible to have 2,000 VIPs at a football match and lists the politicians that would be on ‘ignore’.

There’s no Delta dawn for industry as lockdown easing is delayed

Boris Johnson lockdown easing delayed
“Another kick in the balls” is how machine supplier Ian Eason described Boris Johnson’s decision to move ‘freedom day’ on to July 19.

Off The Record: Road Sense!

OTR vaccination fears roadmap
Keir’s tears, vaccination fears, the roadmap to freedom and plaster casts of transgender sex workers - OTR gets to grips with some of the key talking points of the week.

BBPA calls for an end to restriction as 5 percent of all UK pubs remain closed despite indoor reopening

BBPA calls end restriction 5 percent UK pubs remain closed
The British Beer and Pub Association says all restrictions must be removed on June 21st for pubs to reopen and enhance their survival chances.

Where has all the talent gone?

Nick Harding Spray Lakes Consultancy
Nick Harding, founder of spraylakesconsultancy.com, the talent pool of C-Level consultants and service providers, believes gaming businesses will face a slower than anticipated recovery because they parted company with the wrong people during lockdown.

Vaccine passports not expected for pub sector

Boris Johnson Pub no vaccine passport
As test events continue and the government’s review of reopening remains ongoing, the Prime Minister has reportedly been convinced that vaccine passports are not the way forward for pubs and restaurants. But, in keeping with the government’s propensity to leak one thing and do the opposite, the leisure and hospitality industry remains none the wiser.

PM visits Llandudno Pier for popular Senedd photo op

Boris Johnson Llandudno visit
Boris Johnson enjoyed an ice cream on a visit to Llandudno Pier this week, part of a campaign to support the Conservative party’s candidate in the upcoming Senedd election.

High price for government roadmap: Delayed AGC opening will cost the sector £40 million in lost income

AGCs not reopening with retail
Estimates calculate the decision to keep AGCs closed for an extra five weeks until May 17 will cost the industry over £1.2 million in turnover each day. For a sector already on its knees after almost a year of closure, the notion that AGCs are not as Covid reliable as betting shops is proving to be an expensive piece of regulatory idiocy.

Paul Gauselmann tells Prime Minister that delayed AGC opening dents confidence in UK investment

Paul Gauselmann letter to PM high street reopening
The Gauselmann Group has invested close to half a billion pounds in the UK economy: its founder and CEO Paul Gauselmann questions whether the Government’s decision to discriminate against AGCs in its reopening roadmap means the company can continue to invest in the high street as it had planned.

Coin-op pushed into the slow lane on government’s roadmap to recovery

roadmap to recovery
It wasn’t the roadmap the coin-op industry was hoping for, nor needed. Instead of driving in the fast lane towards recovery, Boris Johnson’s plan to get Britain’s business traffic moving again shunted coin-op on to the hard shoulder.

Shirt sponsorships likely to be the first casualty of gambling reforms for ‘21

Football Sponsorship Gambling Review
The Prime Minister is said to be supportive of a measure which would ban gambling sponsorship of football strips - despite triple figure losses likely incurred by lower leagues.

Johnson non-committal on hospitality minister

Boris Johnson non committal on hospitality minister question
A meeting of the liaison committee last week saw prime minister dodge the question of whether or not he would appoint a minister specifically dedicated to the hospitality industry.

Majority of pubs still waiting on Christmas and November lockdown grants

Emma McClarkin BBPA pubs lockdown grants
The British Beer & Pub Association has revealed that three in four wet led pubs are still yet to receive their Christmas grant promised to them by the Prime Minister at the beginning of December 2020.

Treasury dedicates additional £4.6bn to support business through to spring

Rishi Sunak lockdown treasury
Chancellor Rishi Sunak said the new round of funding - targeted in the main to the hospitality sector - would help UK business “get through the months ahead,” just as Downing Street announced that lockdown would likely last for months, not weeks. But, as the presumed heir to the Tory crown will hear over the comings days, more will be needed by the hospitality sector

‘To maintain the energy and fight through it all has been one of the toughest things..”

John White Gambling Review
I have never known anything like it in my working or personal life. A year, where dealing with the pandemic was and is totally consuming from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to bed and sometimes in your dreams.

“Enough is Enough”: Resentment grows as Tier 3 hits Britain’s coastal resorts

Philip Miller enough is enough on Government restrictions Southend
Resentment is growing in the industry towards the government’s tier restrictions, with one operator, Philip Miller, going to his regional newspaper to tell the local and national government: “Enough is enough”.

Ho ho no: Government unveils new post-lockdown restrictions

Government unveils post lockdown restrictions Boris Johnson
The government’s Covid-19 Winter Plan will see FECs and AGCs both facing closure in tier-three zones, whilst a further tightening on pub-trading has led UK Hospitality to claim that the government is “killing Christmas”. But that’s not the only thing the counter-Covid campaign is killing.

High street retailers warn of Nightmare November with £1.6bn a week meltdown in lost sales

Shuttered high street retailers lockdown retail
British retail is facing a ‘bloodbath’ as sales crumble and high street venues shutter. Are you listening Boris Johnson?

AGCs will be forced to close in Very High Alert areas

tier 3 restrictions AGCs
Under the new restrictions announced by the Prime Minister, AGCs are included in the list of premises that will have to close in areas deemed to be Very High Alert.

Here we go again: Johnson declares 10pm curfew for hospitality trade

Boris Johnson 10pm curfew coronavirus restrictions hospitality pubs
A wave of new coronavirus restrictions announced by the prime minister, including a 10pm curfew on all hospitality businesses, are to go into effect from Thursday evening onwards

Downing Street to head review of Gambling Act

Gambling Act Review Autumn Downing st report
According to a report in The Guardian this weekend, not only is this government going ahead with its long-awaited review of the Gambling Act this autumn, but it’s a project being undertaken at the highest levels of state.

Marshal law: Government’s latest restrictions will have “an immediate cooling effect on public confidence

restrictions lockdown measures
For an industry already under pressure, the latest mini-lockdown measures unveiled by the government on Wednesday will undoubtedly be damaging, but nowhere near as worrying as the impact the announcement will have on public confidence, the industry trade bodies say

National Lottery scratchcard clampdown due “within months”

lottery scratchcard
According to a report in The Sun, Boris Johnson will soon unveil a change in the law which will raise the minimum age required to play National Lottery..