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Marshal law: Government’s latest restrictions will have “an immediate cooling effect on public confidence

restrictions lockdown measures
For an industry already under pressure, the latest mini-lockdown measures unveiled by the government on Wednesday will undoubtedly be damaging, but nowhere near as worrying as the impact the announcement will have on public confidence, the industry trade bodies say

National Lottery scratchcard clampdown due “within months”

lottery scratchcard
According to a report in The Sun, Boris Johnson will soon unveil a change in the law which will raise the minimum age required to play National Lottery..

Businesses call on the PM to reduce social distancing to one metre

two metre social distancing
Attraction and hospitality firms across the UK have called on the government to halve the two metre social distancing guideline, in order to make a reduced-capacity return to business profitable.

No early opening for pubs, and no exceptions

Pubs sector no early opening
Downing Street has shot down hopes that a group of MPs might twist the arm of the prime minister and “Save Summer” by allowing boozers to open early. Odd really considering the leaks linked to the very same building just a few days earlier indicated that the PM was determined to get pubs open sooner.

What’s a metre between friends? Johnson calls on scientists to review social distancing rules

social distancing pubs
Former Conservative party leader Sir Iain-Duncan Smith has called for the government to relax proposed two-metre social-distancing guidelines for the hospitality sector, saying “flexibility” will be required in order to best kick-start the economy. And every centimetre matters; just 100 could save 20,000 pubs and the Prime Minister knows it.

Some pubs to re-open (maybe) by early July, says Boris

Pubs lockdown re-opening
In what has been touted as some long-awaited good news for the shuttered pub sectors, the latest government guidelines could permit for certain pubs to re-open as early as July 4 - given they meet all requisite social distancing pre-requisites.

Tory landslide: Bacta to apply their skill for a better prize from government

Boris Johnson Election Brexit Bacta
A Conservative majority will no doubt be good for Britain’s small businesses, says Bacta’s John White - but Brexit will still have to be dealt with first.

Tories pledge new digital precedent for British gambling law

Boris Johnson gambling act
Alongside the oft-repeated pledges to “get Brexit done,” the Conservative Party’s 2019 manifesto has sworn to “review” Britain’s “analogue” Gambling Act of 2005.

Bacta completes party programme with the Tories in Manchester

Manchester Central Conservative Party Conference Bacta
Bacta completed its round of party political conferences last week in the company of the Boris Johnson led Conservative Party which succeeded in taking..

“Too often forgotten”: Johnson commits to seaside opportunities in new government outlook

Boris Johnson UK Parliament-Jessica Taylor seaside sector
Within 75 minutes of taking his place as the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson gave heart to the seaside sector during his first PM questions in the House

Deal or no deal, that is the question

Paolo Sidoli SB Machines Brexit
“We are one country, a united homogenous state, all facing the same issues, “ said a stoic Paolo Sidoli, as Coinslot bravely tried to press the brexit..

Boris to Barry: PM in waiting visits Barry Island

Boris Johnson Barry Island Visit
Conservative leadership contender Boris Johnson visited Barry Island on 6 July, praising the “world famous resort” ahead of a hustings at the All Nations..

UK business leaders: Brexit transition essential

boris johnson essential
  A group of UK business leaders invited to Downing Street told prime minister Theresa May that a transition period following Brexit was absolutely essential.   The statement from the collection of around 10 industry luminaries follows close on the heels of France and Germany shooting down any misplaced hopes of Britain fast-tracking talks on reaching a transition deal. One attendee told press...