Sunday, November 28, 2021

Tag: Bonus Spins

RLMS point to Project’s single game B3 strategy

The single game B3 format is very much alive and kicking, according to feedback from RLMS Sales. The company, which distributes on behalf of Project, believes that demand for the Bonus Spins B3 confirms the importance of products that deliver a single game that’s presented in a simple format. Chris Widdowson, key account manager at RLMS, said. “One of the things...

Project debut Bonus Spins simple play B3 at ACOS

Tony Boulton Project regional
Project is using its debut appearance at ACOS to officially launch Bonus Spins, the company’s latest high impact category B3 machine. A direct response to player demand for a simple and easy to understand single B3 game, Bonus Spins utilises the internationally recognised wheel concept to enhance play appeal as well as delivering a strong and vibrant visual presence. Explaining...