Thursday, January 27, 2022

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Bongo’s Bingo set to break America

Bongo's Bingo set to break America
The founder of Bongo’s Bingo has revealed his intention to premier the concept in America, following sold out stints for the irreverent event in Ibiza, Dubai, Australia and across the UK.

Bongo’s Bingo “taken home” to Belfast

Bongo's Bingo Belfast
Belfast-born Jonny Bongo has stated he is “over the moon” to be bringing his iconic Bongo’s Bingo brand to the Northern Irish city, after seven years away from home.

Full house! – Bongo’s Bingo returns to full capacity

Bongo's Bingo returns to full capacity
As the government’s Coronavirus restrictions officially ended on 19 July, Bongo’s Bingo marked the occasion with a special full-capacity live event at Content in Liverpool.

Bongo’s Bingo launches Bongo’s Got Talent

Bongos Bingo got talent
Bongo’s Bingo is bridging the gap before it can return to hosting its trademark madcap live bingo shows with a new free-to-watch online offering; Bongo’s Got Talent.

No full houses: Bongo’s Bingo adapts to new future

Bongo's Bingo adapts
When it comes to customer innovation, it’s always worth a look at Bongo’s Bingo. This time though, it’s Bongo’s looking directly at themselves about changes..

Bongo’s bingo owner wins naming battle

Bongo's Bingo planning permission granted
Jonathan Lacey (stage name Jonny Bongo) has won a high court battle over the rights to the Bongo’s Bingo brand. Lacey first created the events when..

Bongo’s brings its bingo online

Bongos Bingo online
Following the restrictions placed on communal social activity across the UK, Bongo’s Bingo has brought its popular bingo evening online, allowing players across the country to compete for prizes worth up to £2,500.

Leisure market growth, regent bingo and Bongo’s new nights

Construction work
Leisure market growth, regent bingo and Bongo’s new nights underpins construction growth The entertainment and leisure sector reportedly saw a 33 percent growth in construction output in 2017, reaching £9.4bn. Researchers are forecasting for the good times to keep rolling with a packed pipeline of projects setting the market in good stead going forward. Bongo’s nine new nights Bongo’s Bingo, the energetic...

Night club bingo: The ‘fastest-moving’ millennial market

bongo's bingo night club
With Rank stating that the 18 to 24-age group is its fastest growing demographic of players, it’s no surprise that companies outside the industry have borrowed the bingo concept to bolster the entertainment value of their events.   “People’s attention span is minimal now. They want events that are different and experiential,” explained Joshua Burke, co-founder of Bongo’s Bingo, a company...

Baron unveils key talking points from BA AGM

Coinslot - B2 Miles Baron Bingo Association AGM
Miles Baron, CEO of the Bingo Association, provides a verbal tour of the BA’s recent annual general meeting, covering everything from the upcoming general election, to the new coin and social responsibility.   The Bingo Association held its annual general meeting at the Hippodrome on 26 April, with clearer messaging being a main theme at the event, both in terms of...

Bongo’s raucous rave bingo heads to Australia

Coinslot Bongo Bingo australia
Britain’s bingo-cum-rave sensation Bongo’s Bingo is heading down under, fresh on the heels of spreading its unique offering across the UK.   A report in Time Out Sydney explained how the event, which is proud to be just about as far away from the classic pastime as possible, is pitched as a “chaotic and ironic version of the normally sedate game”...