Saturday, January 29, 2022

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There’s No Balls in Bingo: autobiography recalls 40 years of bingo

Julian Cotterell There's No Balls in Bingo
After 40 years in the bingo industry, Julian Cotterell has published his first volume of return an autobiography entitled There’s No Balls in Bingo, which recounts a career spent in Spain, South Africa, and Northampton’s bingo halls.

Enfield Council calls for more powers to reject AGC applications

Enfield Council calls for more powers to reject agc applications
Ahead of a gambling review, local authorities - still riled up by the now defunct FOBT - are becoming restless at their inability to reject licence applications for gambling premises on the high street. Enfield Council are calling for more power from government, but will that call get heard before the upcoming review, or will high street gaming have time to continue its clean up of the reputational mess left by B2 machines?

Bingo halls hail “wonderful” reopening response

Bingo Halls reopening response
Bingo halls across the UK have told of the “relief” of reopening last month, with initial visitor numbers proving that demand is still high for the national game.

Ho ho no: Government unveils new post-lockdown restrictions

Government unveils post lockdown restrictions Boris Johnson
The government’s Covid-19 Winter Plan will see FECs and AGCs both facing closure in tier-three zones, whilst a further tightening on pub-trading has led UK Hospitality to claim that the government is “killing Christmas”. But that’s not the only thing the counter-Covid campaign is killing.

Rents, Rates and Re-opening: The three Rs that government needs to learn if the high street is to recover

high street retailers fear lockdown
With footfall for the first week of November plummeting by 75 percent year on year, businesses that rely on a healthy high street including pubs, AGCs and bingo halls are praying for a timely end to lockdown. Last week 61 CEOs warned of the scale of the problem in a letter to The Times.

UK operators monitor the progress of casino protection measures across the pond

Amusement venues could mirror US protection measures
Gaming and amusement venues in the UK could begin to introduce customer temperature checks, staggered machine access, and mandatory face masks if new measures proposed by US casinos are indicative of how the industry will adapt to a socially-distant near future.

RLMS ride a buoyant year for B4 sector in 2016

Coinslot - RLMS Sales B4 sector
Tony Glanville, managing director of RLMS Sales, discusses the performance of the B4 sector over the last year, and gives his verdict on the segment’s future in AGCs and bingo halls.   How has the B4 sector performed over the last year? The B4 sector remains a very important market for RLMS Sales. The last year has been buoyant as a result...

Mecca set for two new bingo halls in England

Coinslot - Mecca bingo halls
The UK bingo halls operator, Mecca, has applied for two new gaming licences for venues in Weston-Super-Mare and Dudley   Mecca is poised to add two new premises to its extensive portfolio of bingo halls after applying for gaming licences in Weston-Super-Mare and Dudley. The bingo hall operator was given the green light by Dudley planners for an £850,000 investment that would...