Sunday, November 28, 2021

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NRM is making a positive stand with a clean sweep of UK gaming expos

NRM Group UK Gaming Expos
When you’ve got a positive story to tell get out there and tell it - that’s the upbeat message coming from the team at NRM.

Andrew Ludlow:“There was a palpable focus on forward investment and a desire to explore solutions”

NRM Group ACOS 2021
It was their first showing at ACOS, and for NRM, it was well worth the wait. “It was a really strong event and one that exceeded our expectations,” NRM Group managing director Andrew Ludlow noted.

NRM’s ‘toolkit’ of technology enables operators to engage, entertain and grow revenue

As the country emerges from lockdown and NRM’s AGC, bingo, pub and holiday park customers begin the process of reconnecting with their players they will be able to draw on a range of dedicated tech solutions all of which are making an important contribution to the way in which consumer-facing businesses are able to enhance engagement, maximise efficiencies and grow revenue.

Bingo Express sets the pace following outstanding start to 2019 – with more growth to come

Andrew Ludlow NRM Bingo Express Engage
Bingo Express, the innovative Ticket on Demand (ToD) bingo system, has enjoyed an outstanding first half of 2019 having paid out in excess of £500,000 in prizes to nearly 70,000 winners....

99.75 percent uptime is key to ‘outstanding’ Bingo Express performance

The bingo sector is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance in its range of offering to the market. Among the innovators is Bingo Express which has recorded a pretty impressive uptime rate. New data released by Bingo Express, the ground-breaking Ticket on Demand (ToD) bingo system, shows a near perfect record for reliability, a factor, which in part explains its cash...

Bingo Express celebrates £6m jackpot landmark

Bingo Express landmark Andrew Ludlow NRM
Bingo Express, the Ticket on Demand (ToD) bingo system, owned by a co-operative of high street operators and powered by technology developed by NRM, recently celebrated its seventh birthday a period during which it has entertained players in 80 sites...