Sunday, September 27, 2020

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Bolton braces: Do leisure closures form template for local lockdown?

Bolton local lockdown
The government has imposed a number of local lockdown measures on the Greater Manchester town of Bolton, offering a sobering indication of what could be in store for similarly affected UK towns in the coming months.

William Hill to shut 119 betting shops

William Hill closures
William Hill is set to permanently close 119 of its UK betting shops due to the economic impact of Covid-19 on the retail environment.

Shoppers name top 20 wish list of high street retailers

High Street Survey
A survey by smart meter provider Utilita asked the public what they wanted on their local high streets and the answers were definitely not betting shops and

Betting shops spanked for new roulette-style products as GC makes its point

Betting shops, roulette, products, Gambling Commission
New games brought out by two major betting chains were not in the spirit of new regs governing electronic roulette, say regulators. So, what next for game innovators when the creative door is firmly closed off? I took a brave company to launch a roulette-style product on the new B2 stakes and prizes coming into operation. And on this occasion,...

Betting shops prepare for FOBT stake reduction

Coinslot-stake reduction
Trials are underway in Birmingham aimed at prepping the betting industry for compliance in time for April’s reduction in FOBT stakes. With just six weeks remaining until new and vastly reduced maximum FOBT stakes go into effect, bookmakers have opted to undertake a trial of the new £2 maximum wager limit - in order to assess its potential impact to...

“Competition is good”: Operators anticipate LBO entrance to AGC market

Coral:Reel Time
With the maximum stake on FOBTs set to be cut to £2, high-street operators are anticipating the arrival of LBOs on the AGC sector’s shores. But is this potential invasion a threat, or just healthy competition? Operators on Britain’s high streets are anticipating the arrival of LBOs in the AGC market following the DCMS’ decision to reduce the maximum stake...