Monday, September 28, 2020


BBPA – Industry teetering on the edge

10pm curfew pubs BBPA
The British pub trade has reacted with horror to the prime minister’s announcement that pubs, bars and restaurants will be forced to close at 10pm every night as of this Thursday.

Marshal law: Government’s latest restrictions will have “an immediate cooling effect on public confidence

restrictions lockdown measures
For an industry already under pressure, the latest mini-lockdown measures unveiled by the government on Wednesday will undoubtedly be damaging, but nowhere near as worrying as the impact the announcement will have on public confidence, the industry trade bodies say

Cut VAT on beer, pleads pub sector

BBPA Beer VAT cut call
In addition to sounding the alarm that over a third of its members were struggling to break even, this week has also seen the BBPA call upon the Treasury to extend its VAT cut on food in pubs to include beer as well.

Sunak gets his goodie bag out but gimmicks may not hide the devil in the detail

Rishi Sunak
He may be the golden boy of politics, but Rishi Sunak still knows how to play a trick or two with a nimble sleight of hand.

Britain’s operators in military style challenge to liberate pubs in time for Independence

Pub Operators re-opening business Pubs
Coinslot spoke to four of the industry’s leading players - Chris Haley, Greg Wood, Matt Bicknell and Nick Rudd - to find out how they were working behind the scenes as part of the unglamorous supply chain helping pubs to get their game face on ahead of the big day.

Arcades and FECs to open on July 4th

Boris Johnson Lockdown easing BBC News AGCs FECs re-open arcades
Arcades, FECs, bingo halls and pubs were given the green light to re-open on July 4, with the added comfort of a reduction in social distancing to 1 metre.

Pubs still go begging for re-opening date

Pubs reopen date still unclear
The British pub industry is still non-the-wiser as to exactly when pubs will be given the green light by government to re-open, or what form of social distancing policy publicans will be expected to enforce.

Business-owners take on stingy Covid-19 insurers

QIC Action Group call for support
They were insured for business interruption in the case of disease, but received not a penny from their insurance company. Now the QIC Action Group is calling on fellow leisure and hospitality businesses to step up and claim what’s rightfully theirs.

Two-metre distancing still stands for most pubs

Empty pub 2 metre social distancing
Whilst thousands of protestors amass in the streets with barely a peep from government, the UK’s publicans are still staring down the barrel of a two-metre distancing guideline which will prevent almost a quarter of them from opening until late summer.

No early opening for pubs, and no exceptions

Pubs sector no early opening
Downing Street has shot down hopes that a group of MPs might twist the arm of the prime minister and “Save Summer” by allowing boozers to open early. Odd really considering the leaks linked to the very same building just a few days earlier indicated that the PM was determined to get pubs open sooner.

Calls grow for flexibility on distancing

Social distancing Lord Lamont hospitality economy
Former chancellor Lord Lamont has said it will be “impossible” for the UK’s hospitality economy to recover from lockdown unless the government cedes ground on its strict two-metre social distancing policy. Some in the government say otherwise.

What’s a metre between friends? Johnson calls on scientists to review social distancing rules

social distancing pubs
Former Conservative party leader Sir Iain-Duncan Smith has called for the government to relax proposed two-metre social-distancing guidelines for the hospitality sector, saying “flexibility” will be required in order to best kick-start the economy. And every centimetre matters; just 100 could save 20,000 pubs and the Prime Minister knows it.

More must be done, says BBPA

BBPA pub closed more must be done
New figures from the British Beer and Pub Association suggest that as many as 40 per cent of pubs are at risk of being put out of business by September, unless government intervenes on their behalf.

Some pubs to re-open (maybe) by early July, says Boris

Pubs lockdown re-opening
In what has been touted as some long-awaited good news for the shuttered pub sectors, the latest government guidelines could permit for certain pubs to re-open as early as July 4 - given they meet all requisite social distancing pre-requisites.

A million jobs at risk if hospitality last to open

Kate Nicholls UK hospitality
Hospitality could see one million jobs lost as the sector sits last in line to reopen following an extended period of social distancing which Chief Medical Officer Chris Witty has said could last beyond 2020..

Mind the Gap: Government must step-in to support pubs

Emma McClarkin BBPA
While being touted as the last to open once lockdown ends, pubs are falling through the cracks in government support, with the BBPA pressing national and local authorities to fill in the gaps.

BBPA set out three week notice requirement to lift pubs out of lockdown

Pub reopening warning beer
If anyone thinks the country can charge up and get the economy running as soon as lockdown is ended, think again. The pub industry has issued a sober warning that supply chains can’t be turned on and off like a beer tap.

Pubs press hard for government help if not a re-think

Pub lockdown
The British Beer & Pub Association says urgent support targeted at pubs is needed to ensure they can survive extended Covid-19 lockdown. Even more urgent now the government’s logic of keeping pubs closed - some say until Christmas - is out of the bag.

Calling time: Hurry up on grants, says pub trade

Covid-19 closed pub sign lobbying grants
Some of the leading voices in the UK’s pub industry are lobbying government to step-up both the speed and scale of grants made available to shuttered pubs..

Tourism Alliance issues three point request to Chancellor

Coinslot - Bumper year uk tourism leisure barclays brexit tourism alliance
The Tourism Alliance, the umbrella trade association for UK tourism and hospitality and which includes Bacta and the British Beer and Pub Association amongst its members, has written to The Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP, requesting changes to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme..

BBPA calls for more action as government announces pub rate relief

BBPA business rate relief
The BBPA has hailed the government’s announcement that 18,000 pubs will benefit from a £1,000 business rate relief as “great news,” but adds..

Bacta “engaged” with DCLG for arcade rate-relief eligibility

John White Bacta business rates
The amusements and coin-op trade association wants its stake holders to be included with the lion’s share of other retail-facing businesses in benefiting from the government’s decision to slash business rates.

Tourism Alliance hammers out new approach for 2020

Tourism Alliance Report
Lobby group the Tourism Alliance published a new report recently outlining a dozen focus points upon which, so it claimed, it would direct its new efforts..

Pubs committed to tackling under-18 gambling in face of Commission warnings

Pubs compliance tests
With the majority of randomly selected pubs failing to pass compliance tests conducted by the Gambling Commission and local authorities, the sector has..

BBPA and UKHospitality join forces to strengthen social responsibility in pubs

Brigid Simmonds BBPA UKHospitality
In another example of forward-thinking self-regulation from the UK’s retail entertainment sector, the BBPA and UKHospitality have collaborated to alleviate

Hospitality chiefs unite to launch legal claim against PPL tariff hike

Hospitality dj
Trade heads for the UK’s hospitality industry are citing a prospective 130 per cent rise in the cost of live music as unsustainable - and are appealing to..

May announces new sector deal for tourism

Theresa May Tourism deal
A new tourism sector deal will see government commit to streamlining visitor data, whilst simultaneously bolstering entry-level positions within the trade.

Brigid Simmonds to chair new Betting and Gaming Council

betting and gaming council brigid simmonds
Brigid Simmonds is to step down as chief executive of the BBPA to become chairman of the new Betting and Gaming Council. Simmonds will join as of 11 October after more than a decade at the head of the BBPA. The Betting Gaming Council is a combination of the Association of British Bookmakers and the Remote Gambling Association. "The gambling industry...

Revitalising our high streets

Brigid Simmonds CEO British Beer and Pub Association
Writing for the blog, Brigid Simmonds, CEO of the British Beer and Pub Association, explains that pubs and local businesses can play a..

Fight not over for BBPA despite positive pub figures

BBPA Fight positive pub figures
The BBPA has stated the industry “cannot be complacent,” despite a recent report from Altus Group highlighting a 44 percent decline in pub closures..