Monday, December 6, 2021

Tag: Basketball

Electrocoin excels at “exciting” ACOS

John A Stergides Electrocoin ACOS 2021
Electrocoin delivered a bumper selection of products at ACOS this year, from innovative shooting games to classic-style pinballs, with head of sales and marketing John A. Stergides noting “everyone was very positive and excited.”

Free-play FEC approved for Newbury as ‘world’s largest Pacman’ comes to town

Newbury Free Play FEC approved
The Berkshire town of Newbury is to gain a new free-play FEC, as the local council approves a change-of-use application which allow its owners to operate in the site of a former bar.

Redemption slam dunk with Connect 4 Hoops

Connect 4 Hoops, Bay Tek, Redemption, games, basketball,
Connect 4 Hoops from Bay Tek was one of the standout redemption units at this year’s EAG and looks set to carry this success into the upcoming summer season says Harry Levy. Very literally rising head and shoulders above the competition the towering Connect 4 Hoops unit combines the classic connect-four game format with an engaging basketball aspect. In the game...

JNC net Basketblitz and Kickshot air hockey

JNC has announced new basketball and air hockey tables on offer in the form of BasketBlitz and Kick- shot, with used tables also in stock from SAM’s Fast Track range.   “Sports games have consistently proved their value to the arcade industry through their competitive gameplay and redemption option,” said JNC’s Sam Coleman. “The current offering of basketball and air hockey...