Friday, September 25, 2020

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Tim Stratton: ‘Yalp development team is the best in the business’

Tim Stratton polar moment Yalp
Polar Moment co-founder, Tim Stratton, explains the background to the business and what it takes to win the Queens Award for Industry.

GBG want sensible debate on debit cards as ‘touch and go’ payments surge 166%

Coinslot Gambling Business Group GBG Peter Hannibal
As the world goes contactless Gambling Business Group’s Peter Hannibal makes an impassioned plea for a grown up debate with gaming regulators Gambling Business Group (GBG), Chief Executive, Peter Hannibal, has called for an 'educated and informed debate’ regarding the use of debit cards on gaming machines. Hannibal’s comments come on the back of the GBG’s submission to the review...