Saturday, January 29, 2022

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Amusements themed Banksy vandalised

Banksy art Great British Spraycation
Multiple Banksy pieces which recently appeared along the Norfolk and Suffolk coast as part of the artist’s “Great British Spraycation” series have been vandalised, including one at Ocean Bay Amusements.

Folkestone Banksy returns, but not to Palace Amusements home

Banksy Goddens Palace Amusements
A Banksy artwork painted on the side of Palace Amusements in 2014 has returned to the Kent town six years after its removal for sale in America.

Birnbeck’s “Banksy” nicked and dismissed as hoax, but Boey lives on in Hastings

Birnbeck Banksy
The appearance of a potential (if doubtful) Banksy work near troubled Birnbeck Pier caught headlines momentarily…before it was stolen less than 24 hours later.

Bye bye Banksy: Castle Amusement mural painted over

Dover Banksy
Despite being valued at over £1m and having attracted notoriety throughout the art world, a Dover mural attributed to the renowned street artist Banksy appears

Dover MP continues to push for council control of Godden’s Banksy

Dover MP pushing council control over Godden's Banksy
Dover and Deal MP Charlie Elphicke has revealed he continues to press Dover District Council to list the Godden family’s Banksy mural.

It’s not all over for Dover Banksy

Coinslot - Banksy Brexit Art Goddens
The giant Brexit-themed Banksy piece of art on the side of the former Castle Amusements in Dover has grown to be a point as contentious as the monumental vote itself, with building owners and local residents finding themselves in opposition on its future.   It is understood that the Godden family of Folkestone, proprietors of the premises which the piece adorns...

The Godden’s Banksy: Seize, save, or sell?

Coinslot - Banksy Brexit Art Goddens
Following the appearance of a second Banksy on Godden property - this time in Dover, local authorities have suggested that the building be listed or bought through a compulsory purchase order. The Goddens, however, have other ideas.   Banksy’s Brexit inspired mural on the former site of Castle Amusements, Dover, has been the talk of the town over the last couple...

Goddens charity focus after Banksy lightning strikes twice

Coinslot - Banksy Brexit Art Goddens
The Godden family has announced it will preserve the latest work by international guerrilla art superstar Banksy and auction it for charity.   The Brexit-inspired artwork, which appeared on the side of the now derelict Castle Amusements building in Dover last week, depicts a workman chiselling away one of the stars on the flag of the European Union. The building is owned...