Sunday, November 28, 2021

Tag: bank holidays

Off The Record: Spotless Machines / Bank Holidays / Raab / Don’t Cross Carrie / Benefits

Boris Johnson Carrie off the record spotless machines TUC bank holidays
Why it pays to keep gaming machines spotless, the power of Carrie and why the industry should join forces with the TUC - hot topics covered by Coinslot’s mystery Arcadian in this week’s edition of Off The Record.

Road to recovery: Furious, frustrated and a roadmap to redundancies

John White Bacta Roadmap to recovery
There was nothing sanguine about Bacta’s response to Boris Johnson’s roadmap to recovery. The gentlest warning John White could sound was “the existential threat” now facing seasonal businesses. Seven bank holidays and two Easter weekends have now been lost - and with a roadmap leading to a red light, the sector is deflated, both mentally and financially

“Chaos” “Mayhem” “Shambolic”: a day at the seaside

Brighton train station
“The queue time at Gatwick Airport to board a bus is currently 2 hours and it is strongly advised to not travel towards Brighton today,” National Rail wrote in a tweet on Sunday. It wasn’t a Radio 4 Tweet of the Day, the birdsongs of Britain’s real-life twitterers at one minute to six every morning; no, it was more the...