Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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The Pub Supply Chain: A year of knock-backs

Pub supply chain
As part of Bacta’s divisional perspectives, Steph Norbury speaks to Inspired’s Peter Davies and Dransfied’s Chris Haley about the impact the past year has had on the pub supply chain

An industry suffering from a lack of understanding

Golden Touch Amusements Neil Finch Jason Frost AGCs
Continuing the series of features on sectors within the industry, Coinslot turns its attention to the independent AGCs and their unique set of problems during the Pandemic. Steph Norbury talks to operators Neil Finch and Jason Frost about the challenges..

Bacta “tea-leaves” suggest no route to re-opening until May

John White Bacta re-opening timeline
Bacta has told members that noises out of Westminster suggest re-opening in time for Easter could be a long-shot for most amusement outfits. The spring-board for UK plc is more likely to be May.

Robert Gibb: Looking to industry unity after difficulties of 2020

Robert Gibb Bacta
Looking to 2021, Bacta’s head of finance and operations Robert Gibb spoke to Coinslot about how the industry can benefit from clear communication and a shared determination, in order to speak with a unified voice.

Treasury dedicates additional £4.6bn to support business through to spring

Rishi Sunak lockdown treasury
Chancellor Rishi Sunak said the new round of funding - targeted in the main to the hospitality sector - would help UK business “get through the months ahead,” just as Downing Street announced that lockdown would likely last for months, not weeks. But, as the presumed heir to the Tory crown will hear over the comings days, more will be needed by the hospitality sector

James Miller: “The Gambling Review… is the biggest opportunity for us to effect real positive change to the legislation that governs our sector since 2005. We must make the...

James Miller Bacta National President
As Bacta National President James Miller enters the final weeks of his term in office, he marked his New Year’s message to the industry with a tribute to his trade association colleagues, a call for unity and grasping the opportunity to make change to the country’s gambling legislation. In what will hopefully a year of revival, Miller honoured the industry’s endeavours for survival.

Bacta confirms delay to EAG Online

EAG Online
Bacta confirmed its decision to delay its EAG Online project on Wednesday following the government’s decision to impose a third national lockdown. Coinslot features the full statement from the trade association.

Bacta zooms in on regions

Bacta Zoom meeting
Bacta has always prided itself on the relationship it has with the membership. And in a somewhat perverse twist, this engagement seems to have flourished under Covid-19 conditions. Chief executive John White talks to Coinslot about how, in the worst of times, the association has managed to get the best from its members.

‘BACTA have worked tirelessly to keep our industry in the sights of government’

Mark Horwood UDC 2020 Review
As the most challenging year UDC has encountered. It’s the first time in forty years I’ve spent Easter sitting at home. UDC had a full order book going into the season, with a great range of equipment that wowed everyone in January. Then, the pandemic, a nightmare scenario engulfed the world and the UK entertainment and hospitality industries came to an abrupt halt.

“If this is the mindset that we all face, in the words of the Starks, ‘Winter is coming’”

Martin Burlin 2020 Review EAG Online
2020 has been a shocking year and I am not sure that the Government, Opposition & their advisers have learned from their mistakes. Destroying the economy should never have been a serious option

Harris: Gambling review should focus on big betting business

Carolyn Harris MP Parliament Gambling Related Harm gambling review
In her latest op-ed piece on the subject of the government’s Gambling Act review, gambling-related harm APPG chair Carolyn Harris MP has argued that the focus of legislative updates should lie with the online betting sector.

James Miller: “The Gambling Review will be an opportunity for us…our asks are modest”

James Miller Bacta National President 2020 review
I will look back on 2020 as one of the most challenging years of my life! It all started so well, we had a great EAG and I was enjoying my role as bacta President but then the madness started!

‘At the coal face’ insight informs Blueprint’s nationwide customer support

David Purvis Blueprint operations AGC
Blueprint Operations is active across a range of fronts including lobbying MPs to support its customers in England, Scotland and Wales. David Purvis explains the process.

Loss of Cat D necessary and sustainable for an industry set for reshape, says Eason

Ian Eason Instance Automatics Cat D
The no-nonsense Lincolnshire supplier has praised Bacta’s self-imposed ban on under-18 Cat D play within FECs, arguing it shows amusements squarely in the camp of entertainment and not gambling. Ian Eason believes this is an issue the industry has needed to resolve for some time.

Bacta: Balance and evidence; the essential ingredients for the 2020 gambling review

Bacta cautiously encouraged DCMS gambling review
Bacta is cautiously encouraged by the Gambling Review which was launched on Tuesday - but calls for balance and evidence-based decision making.

Industry gather forces: Divisions unite at Bacta’s online Convention

Bacta AGM Convention online
Bacta staged its first ever virtual AGM last week as 150 members Zoomed in to discuss a tough 2020, Covid-19 measures and a way forward for an industry under intense pressure. Steph Norbury picks out some highlights from the assembly.

Where’s the evidence? Pub sector turns against untrustworthy government

Pub sector turns against the government
Pub bosses are giving the government both barrels over broken promises and ‘forces of evil’ jibe as one consumer group unpicks the evidence.

The moment Wales went mad: Pubs no longer permitted to sell booze

Mark Drakeford Wales lockdown Pubs
Pubs and restaurants are prohibited from selling alcohol under new Covid-19 legislation in Wales, as the country also forces its leisure venues to shutter altogether.

All the President’s men: Miller proud of “all-hands-on-deck” lobbying effort

James Miller Bacta President
An unusual year made for an unusual AGM for the trade association - but despite the myriad of challenges in 2020, Bacta president James Miller was brimming with pride over the industry’s improved dialogue with lawmakers.

No dice: Tier 3 arcades to remain shut despite industry lobbying

No 10 Downing St
The government has said its decision to close Tier 3 AGCs - despite LBOs staying open - hinges on a reclassification of arcades as “entertainment” instead of “non-essential retail”. Bacta and AGC operators disagree and plan to continue their call to re-open

Debbie Bollard: Many pubs “will not survive” this winter of discontent

Debbie Hough Bollard
Responding to the government’s newly unveiled plans for winter 2020, licensing expert Debbie Bollard said that “devastation” of the pub sector would have inevitable knock-on effects for amusement stakeholders.

Rays of Sunshine continues good work with Bacta support

Rays of Sunshine continuing support
Rays of Sunshine has been continuing to support seriously and terminally ill this year despite the pandemic, fuelled by donations from Bacta’s Charitable Trust.

Rank and HMRC back at the Tribunal over VAT monies

The Rank Group Gongman tax
Rank seem to have pulled their old gongman out of the archives and the former symbol of the gaming giant is banging that tam tam like crazy. With one victory of £42.5 million under its belt, the Group is back at the Tribunal this week for another return of VAT monies incorrectly taken by HMRC. And it could mean so much more for the broader industry - possibly £1 billion plus more?

Industry stakeholders applaud Cat D minimum playing age initiative

Category D age restrictions
Following a decision by Bacta members to introduce new age restrictions on Category D cash fruit machines, industry figures from gambling concern groups and the government have recognised the sector's commitment to social responsibility

Trade dispute results in 25 per cent tariff on games imported from the US

Trade war dispute
A long-standing trade dispute between the European Union and the United States has caught the amusements industry in the cross-fire making games unsaleable. How do you fancy a 25 per cent rise in machine prices?

Gambling Commission confirms shift towards online inspections

Gambling Commission online inspections
The regulator says a step-change towards digital meetings, wherein data and testimony can be reviewed en-masse, will be more efficient for both itself and operators alike. Licensee inspections may soon become virtual, but the consequences will be very real.

Covid cash crisis: Bacta snapshot figures reveal bleak picture for industry

Bacta figures bleak for industry
A survey of Bacta members has shown all sectors of the industry have suffered, but none more so than the machine suppliers. Almost 90 percent of their year-on-year profits have been cut, so what kind of future does UK machine supply and manufacturing have going into 2021?

Cohesive confusion: Wales re-opens whilst England and Scotland tightens reins

lockdown restrictions England Wales Scotland
Continuing on its saga of devolved daftness, Wales has now come out of lockdown, enabling adult gaming centres in the principality to reopen, whilst the entire nation of England technically remains locked up until the end of the month, and Scotland has added three more councils to its tier 3 resulting in more AGCs closing up.

Bacta bans under-18s playing Category D cash fruit machines

Bacta Category D under 18s Cash Fruit Machines
In a radical move away from decades of playing on ‘fruit machines’, Bacta members have decided to raise the age limit for players to 18.

Bacta to survey members on the fiscal impact of Covid

Bacta survey
Bacta has launched an inquiry into the commercial impact of Covid-19 on its membership. Part of its programme of..