Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Martin Burlin: Can I have or can’t I have a cream cake?

Martin Burlin Bacta convention affordability checks
That is the question. Industry veteran Martin Burlin was ill at ease at last week’s Bacta Convention, and it’s nothing to do with the cakes. Affordability checks rose like a souffle during the discussions, but it’s a half-baked idea as far as Burlin is concerned.

Greg Wood: “We must have the opportunity to try and develop new ideas in the real world”

Greg Wood Bacta convention speech
It was an intelligent and honed speech by the Bacta president Greg Wood at his association’s AGM last week. After clearing the path of some of the debris of disappointments that the industry has experienced over the year, Wood made way for Bacta’s vision on the changes necessary from the Gambling Review to ensure the long term security of the sector.

Cashless moves into jukebox sector: GPT signs integration agreement with NSM Music

Cashless jukebox GPT signs integration agreement with NSM Music
Jukebox manufacturer NSM Music has signed an integration partnership with Game Payment Technology, hailing the GPT app as “the perfect tool to keep customers selecting their favourite music.”

A breath of fresh air: DCMS confirms masks not required for arcades and FECs

mask rules DCMS confirmation
The industry has received confirmation from DCMS that England’s arcades and FECs are exempt from new government mask rules, but as has become normal practice, there are mixed returns north of the border.

Gambling review due in Spring, but legislation will lag

John Whittingdale legislation Gambling Review
Following former gambling minister John Whittingdale’s speech to Bacta members at last week’s annual general meeting, CEO John White told Coinslot that the upcoming gambling review now seems due for early Spring, but legislation and implementation may stretch into 2023 and beyond.

Comment – Why do MPs know so little about the business / Restrained Restricted and Controlled by legislation: time for change

comment regulations outdated
The industry assembled for the first time since 2019 for a hefty dose of politics at this week’s Bacta Convention. Coinslot assess some of the early exchanges where Bacta’s attack and defence were busy in action, while the opposition changed its line-up but not its formation

Bacta continues gambling review dialogue with new minister

Chris Philp Gambling Minister
Recently appointed gambling minister Chris Philp is certainly getting to know stakeholders in the industry with the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the DCMS holding his second meeting with Bacta since his appointment two months ago.

John White:“Bacta is made up of many businesses large and small sitting across a £2 billion industry employing tens of thousands of people. Ensuring we can deliver for all...

John White Bacta Convention speech
From the machinery of Bacta to the machinations of politics and regulation, CEO John White delivered one of the most extensive reports to the association in many years. But then it was the first major political gathering for the industry since 2019 and with so much on the association’s agenda, a 5,000 word speech was a real deal for the membership. From the gambling review to the Gambling Commission, the seaside to the high street, White took the AGM on a journey through the challenges and changes facing the industry now. Coinslot features the Bacta CEO’s speech in full.

Poppleston Allen: “Despite society’s changing entertainment demands, cash usage and attitudes towards gambling, the ‘pub fruity’ can thrive”

Poppleston Allen Richard Allen social responsibility
As part of a series of legal-based articles on the industry, Richard Bradley, Associate Solicitor at Poppleston Allen, gets fruity with the Coinslot community, albeit in a pub machines kind of way. If the industry can crack the code for top grade social responsibility and light touch regulation, then the opportunities for gaming machines could be rosy.

Gambling Commission: “…if anyone is thinking this will mean our priorities will change, they are mistaken. In fact, the Gambling Commission is coming out of this year more focussed...

Sarah Gardner Gambling Commission Bacta Convention 21
The Gambling Commission’s Sarah Gardner stepped in for interim CEO Andrew Rhodes at this year’s Bacta Convention to deliver a detailed and wide ranging communique to the industry - we’re “on the right track” she noted, but more needs to be done.

White emphasises Bacta’s AGC campaign in call for industry unity

John White Bacta AGM speech
AGCs and FECs cannot only live in perfect harmony, they are inter-linked and dependent on one another, according Bacta CEO John White, who called for industry unity as the association campaigns for fairer regulation in the government’s gambling review.

Product design, age verification and cashless wallets on Gambling Commission’s radar

Sarah Gardner Gambling Commission Bacta AGM Product design Cashless wallet
Aside from repeating the new Gambling Commission mantra - “gambling is normal, harm must not be” - the regulator’s Deputy CEO Sarah Gardner honed in on product design, age verification and cashless wallet technology as three areas to watch during her speech to this year’s Bacta AGM.

We must be allowed to innovate, urges Bacta president Greg Wood

Greg Wood Bacta AGM
Like presidents before him, Bacta’s Greg Wood believes a focus on player safety is the heart of the industry’s continued long term success, but he is also determined that innovation - the brain of the industry - should be given more freedom in the upcoming gambling review.

Comment – Time to recognise the human side of business / There may be trouble ahead!

Sketch Comment MPs - leisure spend
Why do politicians think that there isn’t a human side to business? It might be the case in their own industry, but it’s certainly not in our’s. Is it time to tell the parliamentarians that they have to listen to the business community - and that not to do so will be their peril?

Bacta reflects on successful SR Exchange and opening the door to a new portal

Tim Miller Gambling Commission Bacta SR Exchange
Bacta’s third SR Exchange proved “a huge success” on 10 November, with the online event attracting more than 100 members to witness the launch of the BactaPortal.

MERKUR mark a year of positivity as 360 Social Responsibility Program celebrates its first birthday

Sascha Blodau Merkur UK 360 Social responsibility Program first birthday
In October 2020 MERKUR UK General Manager, Sascha Blodau, used the pages of Coinslot to announce the launch of the company’s 360 Program and with it a pledge to take a proactive stance in setting new Social Responsibility standards in the domestic low stake high street gambling entertainment sector.

Bacta to assemble in the Birdcage

Bacta Convention
The industry gathers forces in a fortnight's time in what will be one of the most important gatherings in its history. The Bacta Convention is back on the schedule and with a weighty agenda to boot

“The mood, from suppliers to operators, was buoyant…”

Paul Monkman talks about ACOS
Paul Monkman, Gaming & Service Director, Luxury Leisure Talarius Ltd and RAL Ltd, spent two days surveying the ACOS horizons and he was impressed with the industry’s return to action. He talks to Coinslot about the show, the products and what lies ahead.

GPT sells out initial production run of its new pool table solution within a day

GPT pool table cashless solution
The Game Payment cashless app continues to break new ground with the release of its battery-powered pool table solution.

Bacta continues to push SR Agenda and reveals new portal functionality

Bacta SR Exchange
Bacta is preparing for its third SR exchange, which will take place next Wednesday November 10 online.   The event, which starts from 10am, will feature a talk from The Gambling Commission’s Executive Director Tim Miller, as well as presentations from Elizabeth Speed, Chair of the Social Responsibility Committee and General Counsel for Novomatic UK, and more. In addition, Bacta will demonstrate...

Pearl Fishery, Nitro Speed and Sky Riders headline for UDC in London

Mark Horwood UDC ACOS 2021 Sky Riders
Pearl Fishery, Nitro Speed and Sky Riders were the stars of the show on UDC’s ACOS stand, with operators more eager to get their orders in early in preparation for next season.

Gambling Commission’s quarterly gambling stats: Denounce or discuss?

Gambling Commission telephone survey problem gambling statistics
Statistics, statistics, damn lies blah blah blah. Yes, the saying is worn out by its very own truth, and none more so than with the quarterly telephone survey stats on gambling prevalence conducted by the Gambling Commission. We’ve already ascertained that problem gambling rates, according to the latest GC survey, are at their lowest ever level. But there’s more to the stats than at-risk gamblers, some actually show at-risk gambling operations as numbers on play fall. Except online, obviously; but be careful what you read - the figures are not as dramatic as they seem. Coinslot takes a trip through the latest GC stats.

Bacta pleased to see industry back to business

Bacta stand ACOS 2021
Coinslot: How did the show go for you - was there good footfall and interest in Bacta’s activities? John White: It was a wonderful opportunity..

Regulator’s Tim Miller to address Bacta SR Exchange

Tim Miller Gambling Commission Bacta SR Exchange
SR is right up the Gambling Commission’s street, so who better to deliver the opening guest speech at November’s Bacta SR Exchange than the event circuit’s favourite regulatory figure Tim Miller

Chancellor walking tall despite a budget falling short on industry demands

Rishi Sunak budget speech
Chancellor Rishi Sunak delivered a confident Autumn Budget this week pumping more money into the economy in the hope that it will circulate its way around and back into the Treasury.

Speeding up the SR agenda

Elizabeth Speed Bacta SR Exchange agenda
In the run-up to the Bacta SR exchange which takes place on November 10, Coinslot caught up with Elizabeth Speed, General Counsel, Novomatic UK and chair of Bacta’s social responsibility committee.

SGGB and Bacta pay tribute to Sir David Amess MP

Sir David Amess SGGB and Bacta pay tribute
The Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain and Bacta have paid their respects to Sir David Amess MP, chair of the APPG on Fairs and Showgrounds, after his murder in Leigh-on-Sea on 15 October.

Cat B3 limit setting talks reopen

John White Cat B3 limit setting talks reopen
The launch of standardised limit-setting on Category B3 machines has returned to the industry agenda following the end to Covid-enforced restrictions.

A fillip from Philp? Bacta meets new gambling minister

Chris Philp Gambling Minister Bacta meeting
It hasn’t taken new gambling minister Chris Philp long to get tucked into his new post, meeting Bacta within a few weeks of taking over his new portfolio.

Bacta books 2021 SR Exchange for November slot

Bacta SR Exchange 2021 logo
Bacta’s third SR Exchange will take place on November 10 from 10am to 4pm online.