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Parveen Sharma’s My TouchTunes

Parveen Sharma My TouchTunes
Following on from Rob Hill’s dictionary of disco, Bacta’s Communications and Events Co-Ordinator, Parveen Sharma, brings some 90s R&B glamour and poptastic playlists to the mix. As a fan of the feature, Parveen stated she felt “honoured” to share her musical journey which continues to this day as she believes love and music are the two things which make...

White praises Cat C’s “straight contribution to the bottom line”

John White praises Pub Cat C Contribution
Speaking to Bacta’s CEO John White, the importance of Cat Cs in the pub environment is evident. But, he suggests, it could be even more so if contactless payments are brought into play.

Bacta lays out response to prospective Cat B player-protection measures

John White Cat B3 digital player tracking
Operators have proven themselves committed to inperson player protection, argues Bacta’s John White, who insists that the costs associated with digital player tracking presents the industry with nothing short of an “existential threat”.

Cat B3 consumer protections call for evidence announced in customer interaction and ADR consultation

Bacta, gambling commission, Cat B3, consumer protections, evidence, customer, interaction, ADR consultation
Contained within a consultation proposing changes to LCCP requirements for customer interaction and alternative dispute resolution, the Gambling Commission has announced an upcoming call for evidence on Cat B3, with player-tracking suspected to be on the regulator’s agenda. The Gambling Commission will “shortly” call for evidence around strengthening at stemming the massive growth of online ads, the new codes also...

Bacta marks evolution in charity fundraising at Parliamentary Reception

bacta, Bacta Charitable Trust, Great Ormond Trust Hospital, Charity
Bacta, the trade association for the UK amusement and gaming machine industry, has marked the evolving work of its Charitable Trust at a Parliamentary Reception. The event celebrated the fundraising work of the Trust, which recently expanded its scope to support four charities working with children with cancer: Great Ormond Street Hospital, the Teenage Cancer Trust, The Royal Marsden Cancer...

Bacta meet with the Minister and explore industry road map

Bacta Delegation meet Gambling Minister Mims Davies
A senior Bacta delegation met last week with the Gambling Minister Mims Davies and her Civil Service advisers...

Bringing fresh Eyre in a Storm

Storm, Tony Eyre
The current advertisement from Storm Gaming Technology contains the line, “Not all Storms disrupt your life, some clear your path”. Such is the vibe surrounding the November appointment of Tony Eyre as chief operating officer. In Tony, Storm has appointed a man with a track record of deciding what needs doing, organising resources and getting the job done. When...

Bacta progress growing concerns over ATM removals

The future accessibility to cash through ATMs has been a growing concern in the UK over recent years...

Back immersive technology, Bacta tells DCMS

Bacta immersive technology DCMS
In its evidence to the government’s new inquiry on immersive technologies, Bacta has underlined the potential boon VR presents to FEC operators. In response to the government’s ongoing inquiry as to the future direction of growth for immersive technology. Bacta has urged committee members of the department of media, culture and sport to back the development and support of virtual...

Bacta lead the Social Responsibility debate at third Pub Summit

Greg Wood, Essex Leisure Bacta Pub Summit
Social Responsibility (SR) in relation to AWPs in pubs topped the agenda at the third Pub Summit hosted by Bacta and held at ExCeL London on the middle day of EAG. The Summit attracted double the number of delegates originally anticipated with machine manufacturers, trade bodies, operators and major PubCos...

Bacta make F.U.N. the name of the game for EAG

Bacta EAG F.U.N
As EAG celebrated its 10th birthday this year, Bacta CEO John White hailed the exhibition as a landmark for the industry moving forward.

It’s only just begun

John White Bacta
John White talks to Coinslot Review about the twelve months that lie ahead, a full programme of campaigning, and the small matter of the most important...

The industry must be allowed to innovate, says Bacta CEO John White

Industry, triennial, Bacta, innovation
Costs are rising, stakes and prizes have remained stagnant, and the high-street economy is struggling. In the next gaming review (which, in theory, would be this year), the industry must be given “new categories of machines to allow us to innovate”, says Bacta CEO John White. With dust finally setting on the Triennial Review decision, and stakes and prizes on...

BACTA’s moment in the limelight

BACTA, uk, amusements, industry
We all know how narrow a window of opportunity can be and, argues Chris Webster, BACTA must not miss the one currently presenting itself. In another and alternate parallel universe, away from the trials and tribulations of cobbling copy together for this worthy rag,I do a bit of acting. It’s a fickle whore of a business. I’ve been arrested for murder,...

Free seminar spots for international EAG visitors

EAG, seminars, visitors, bacta
A limited number of free spaces for the Foundations Entertainment University event at EAG have been allocated for international visitors. The Foundation’s course will encompass the entire third day of the seminar schedule and will cover all aspects of the ever-evolving amusements industry. Topics to be discussed will include: Redemption design, electronic payments, marketing, virtual and augmented reality, how premises design...

Gabi Stergides: All’s well that ends well!

Bacta, Gabi Stergides, fobt, campaign
Bacta National President, Gabi Stergides reflects on a year in which the association pulled off a lobbying coup that many would not have bet on. Looking back on 2018 what were the high points and the low points? There’s no doubt that 2018 will go down as one of the most dramatic and significant years for Bacta and the well being...

FACTA EAG dinner moves venue

Facta, EAG, dinner, bacta, excel crowne plaza
Following the runaway success of its inaugural edition the second Bacta-hosted EAG dinner is to be held at a larger venue in 2019. Set to take place on Tuesday 15 January the association will welcome guests to the Excel Crowne Plaza from 7.30pm-1am. The 2018 dinner - held on board the Sunborn Yacht - was a complete sell out and organisers...

SR workshops transform strategies into action for operators

Bacta SR Exchange Operators strategies
At the recent Social Responsibility Exchange, organised by Bacta, operators went to discuss strategies to deliver enhanced customer protection. What they...

Frontline members make self-exclusion suggestions

GambleAware, self-exclusion
GambleAware took the opportunity to ask operators their views for improving self- exclusion strategy, using shared experience to develop the most effective and mutually-beneficial policies. When trade body Bacta confirmed its inaugural Social Responsibility Exchange, it recognised that its success would hinge on operator engagement. And that was in evidence at the self-exclusion section of the programme where Bacta members...

Frost warns of online industry threat to gaming’s reputation

Jason Frost Euromat Bacta AGM562
Social responsibility has forced its way to the top of the industry agenda and, says Euromat president Jason Frost..

Bacta members herald success of first Social Responsibility Exchange

Folder Bacta AGM Social Responsibility Exchange
'A truly excellent initiative for which BACTA should be applauded’ is how Byron Evans, commercial director at Praesepe..

Britain’s seaside a “two-speed” economy, claims Lord Bassam

Britain, seaside, economy, Lord Bassam, bacta
Coastal regeneration might well be a “complex” issue, but Lord Bassam of Brighton pledged to BACTA members that the House of Lords’ commission on the subject “wouldn’t duck the tough questions”. By his own admission shadow chief whip of the House of Lords, Baron Steve Bassam of Brighton, hadn’t even heard of Bacta until earlier this year - when his...

Stergides warns that “player tracking would kill our industry”

Gabi Stergides Bacta Convention 2018
Outgoing Bacta president Gabi Stergides thanked members for their efforts during the FOBT stake reduction campaign...

McArthur rings in a new era of industry-regulator relations

Neil McArthur Bacta Convention 2018 Coinslot
Gambling Commission CEO Neil McArthur delivered a slightly sweet and sour speech at last week’s Bacta AGM.

Putting people at the very heart of industry

James Miller Bacta Convention 2018
James Miller started the transition process towards his presidency taking the stage at the Bacta Convention to signal where his term will lead the trade...

Bacta proffers the hand of friendship to Mims Davies

bacta mims davies
Bacta welcomed the new sports minister Mims Davies in her new role and discussed what sets the coin-op sector apart from the wider gambling industry during a parliamentary reception on 21 November. “Mims has been in the job 11 days, but she has immediately grasped the brief about our industry, which is all about fun,” chief executive John White explained. “It’s...

Bacta find a new discourse with launch of social responsibility policy

BACTA AGM 2018 Social Responsibility John White
Association chief John White used his platform at the Bacta AGM to announce a new code of social responsibility for members

Stergides thanks industry for a presidential term of successes

Gabi Stergides Bacta AGM 2018
After a busy two years in Bacta’s highest office, Gabi Stergides delivered his parting speech to the association’s AGM hall..

Mim’s the Word: Government looking at additional player protections for B3s

Parliament Parliamentary reception bacta Mims Davies
Speaking during a parliamentary reception held by Bacta last week, Mims Davies, the new minister for Sport, Civil Society and Loneliness, confirmed that her

Bacta the future: Amusements industry not standing still when it comes to social responsibility

Bacta convention, fobt
While the FOBT stake reduction will undoubtedly be a major focus during John White’s keynote address at this year’s Bacta Convention, the association’s CEO will situate the controversy within the broader context of social responsibility and suggest there is still more work to be done. Social responsibility will be a key theme in John White’s keynote address at the 2018...