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In it together: Miller rallies the troops at the Bacta convention

Bacta Convention James Miller
In his debut convention outing as serving Bacta president, James Miller gave a clear direction of the association under his tenureship: driving forward on..

Bacta AGM: Extract of James Miller’s presidential speech

James Miller Bacta AGM Speech extract
Coinslot offers an extract of James Miller’s first presidential speech at this year’s Bacta AGM..

Too often, the GamCom computer says no

John White bacta convention
Bacta CEO John White took to the stand at the association’s annual conference this week to air his frustration with a regulator which has given up on the carrot in..

Harris lauds industry as one of “principle”

Carolyn Harris Bacta AGM 2018 Coinslot Coinslot
A passionate speech from Swansea MP and anti-FOBT campaigner Carolyn Harris saw her declare BACTA members as “true friends” and condemn the national regulator

McArthur rings in a new era of industry-regulator relations

Neil McArthur Bacta Convention 2018 Coinslot
Gambling Commission CEO Neil McArthur delivered a slightly sweet and sour speech at last week’s Bacta AGM.

Putting people at the very heart of industry

James Miller Bacta Convention 2018
James Miller started the transition process towards his presidency taking the stage at the Bacta Convention to signal where his term will lead the trade...

Bacta the future: Amusements industry not standing still when it comes to social responsibility

Bacta convention, fobt
While the FOBT stake reduction will undoubtedly be a major focus during John White’s keynote address at this year’s Bacta Convention, the association’s CEO will situate the controversy within the broader context of social responsibility and suggest there is still more work to be done. Social responsibility will be a key theme in John White’s keynote address at the 2018...

Commission says 450,000 children gambling a week

Coinslot Gambling Commission report
A new report by the Gambling Commission shows that 450,000 children claim to gamble every week. The Gambling Commission has published a report into child gambling, claiming that 450,000 children gamble every week. The regulator’s Young People and Gambling Report also argues that around 9,000 of them are problem gamblers, while, overall, gambling prevalance among 11-15 year olds is around...

Bacta Convention – The focus of policy-makers

Coinslot Bacta Convention Sarah Harrison diversity
Sarah Harrison lays out the areas that top gambling policy-makers agendas as part of her recent speech at the Bacta Convention. The gambling review is the key focus for Government and policy-makers. Its focus is not just on stakes and prizes consistent with a traditional triennial review, it is also looking more widely at the impact of industry actions on...

A softer approach, but still plenty of sharp edges

Coinslot Sarah Harrison
Sarah Harrison doled out some much sought after praise for coin-op’s responsible gambling efforts, but she still had plenty of forthright messages to deliver to the assembled convention, along with news of what may swing the GC’s B2 recommendation. If it wasn’t already clear from her debut speech a year ago at the 2015 Bacta Convention, or her actions since...

Bacta convention – Division leaders on contactless urgency

Coinslot Bacta convention
Although the post-lunch Challenge Panel touched on a range of issues concerning the future of the coin-op industry, it was once again debit cards which dominated proceedings, as the trade body’s division leaders stressed the importance of rapid action. One of Bacta president Jason Frost’s key internal contributions during this past year has been the work of his Strategy Committee....

Responsible Gambling panel talks wood and card

Coinslot report responsible gambling
The first of two panels at this year’s Convention was on the much-discussed topic of responsible gambling. With members of the Commission both in the room and on the panel, it was a poignant reminder of what John White had said in his speech earlier in the day, “that we as an organisation and as an industry place social responsibility...

Jason Frost reflects on the year at Bacta

Coinslot bacta jason frost
Making his final Convention address, Bacta’s president Jason Frost had plenty of fodder when it came to singing the praises of his organisation’s efforts during 2016.   This may be the last time that Jason Frost will address the Bacta Convention as president, but he made it clear that he wasn’t done yet. That said, while his successor’s speech focused on...

Questions both raised and answered at 2016 Bacta Convention

Coinslot Bacta Convention
A very well attended gathering of Bacta members in London provided a chance for the coin-op industry to look both forward and back with an incisive eye. It does not take a master detective to work out why this year’s Bacta Convention was one of the best attended in recent memory, but whatever the reason, a thronging hall at the...

White calls for improved approach in bacta convention opening speech

Coinslot bacta convention John White
In these excerpts from his Convention speech, the trade body’s chief executive, John White, calls for a new kind of focus on responsible gambling and a fresh approach to the relationship between industry and regulator. It has been quite some year hasn’t it? Brexit, Trump, the loss of Leonard Cohen and David Bowie, and of course the long-awaited announcement of...

Bacta convention 2016 draft agenda unveiled

Coinslot Bacta Convention
The draft agenda for Bacta’s 2016 Convention has been unveiled, with the gathering due to take place on 24 November at the QEII Conference Centre, in Westminster. The 2016 Bacta Convention will once again be headlined by a keynote speech from Gambling Commission chief executive, Sarah Harrison, this year joined by a much anticipated address from the Responsible Gambling Strategy...

BACTA confirms November Convention dates

Coinslot Bacta Convention
The date and location of this year's instalment of the Bacta Annual Convention have been confirmed, with the event slated to take place at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Parliament Square, London on Thursday, 24 November. The morning session, which is open to all Bacta members and guests, boasts an excellent line up of speakers and topics, reflecting many...