Monday, February 26, 2024

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Illustrious judging panel confirmed for Bacta Annual Awards with 1st December deadline announced

Bacta Annual Awards 2024
In a sector that’s based on the delivery of the very best in out of home leisure entertainment it’s totally fitting that the industry should recognise those individuals and organisations that are raising standards and the bar of excellence. The Bacta Annual Awards which will be presented at EAG 2024 will shine a light on the best of the best.

EAG is the place to source the games which help keep Piers alive, argues Bacta President John Bollom

The connection between arcade games and the upkeep of destination venues such as Britain’s privately owned piers has been put into sharp focus by John Bollom whose family has owned the much loved Mumbles Pier in south Wales since before the second world war. According to bacta’s National President without their machine income many piers would simply struggle to open impacting tourism and coastal economies.