Monday, September 28, 2020

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B3 takings rise in latest GamCom stats

Gambling Commission Statistics B3
The Gambling Commission’s most up-to-date reckoning of the gambling industry recorded FOBT players redirecting in numbers to B3 product in the run up to March 31.

Levelling the playing field

Reflex Gaming GamePro
As the impact of this year’s FOBT stake reduction begins to be felt across the wider UK amusement and gaming industry, the independent games creator Reflex Gaming continues to..

Reflex: Bridging the AGC and Bingo divide

Reflex Gaming Mat ingram
The continued success of Reflex Gaming’s B3 and Cat C portfolio is as much down to understanding what sets each category apart for players and operators as it is the company’s strong investment in research and design according to Mat Ingram the company’s Chief Product Officer...

Blueprint breaks new ground with Avantgarde Trio

Blueprint, Avantgarde Trio, new ground, b3, cat c
With a range of B3 and Cat C products already leading in several UK markets, Blueprint Machines added to its impressive portfolio with a brand new B1 cabinet for the UK casino sector. Having recently increased its staff numbers, Blueprint Machines took to ICE 2019 to build on its reputation in the bingo, arcade and pub sectors with its first...

Spin Gaming brings new twist to B3 prestake with Spin Roulette 500

Spin Gaming, B3, prestake, Spin Roulette 500
With 7’s Above acting as Spin Gaming’s primary representative at EAG 2019, Coinslot spoke to Ian Pawson about the latest releases, as well as what was in store for the distributor itself. Spin Gaming made sure its latest offering lived up to its name, premiering the B3 cabinet Roulette 500 at EAG this year, presented by UK distributor 7’s Above. “Spin...

It’s only just begun

John White Bacta
John White talks to Coinslot Review about the twelve months that lie ahead, a full programme of campaigning, and the small matter of the most important...

Lucky Star: Making gambling fun again

Since the Triennial announcement, Lucky Star owner Nigel Botelho believes high-street gamblers have lifted their heads up from the FOBT, and began to reconsider the entertainment-focused approach of the AGC. Accurately predicting player behaviour following the Triennial Review decision has been an endeavour for many in the industry, but Nigel Botelho, owner of Lucky Star, has the benefit of a...

GamePro Cat C hitting the jackpot

Stotts Quentin Stott Reflex Gaming
The all metal, triple screen GamePro cabinet that was launched by Reflex Gaming at the start of the year, is recording the same high performance figures in Category C as it has done in B3. Figures collated by a national machine data processor show that 72 percent of the GamePros that are on test are registering income figures that are...

Equinox range pushing the boundaries in B3

Hula Hula
The Equinox range of gaming terminals from SG Gaming, Scientific Games’ UK division, has quickly risen to a point of industry prominence since its launch in February and now represents one of the most advanced solutions available. Following months of research and development, SG Gaming identified a unique opportunity to build a terminal that is dynamic and adaptable in its...

The rise of the B3 machines

Cat B3
Gavin Wright, head of UK sales at Blueprint Machines, comments on the growth of the B3 market, its industry importance and the products and innovations behind it all. Coinslot: How have you perceived the performances of Cat B3 machines so far this year? GavinWright: “Blueprint Machines actively monitors all B3 product in the UK market across various sectors.This includes own...

Cat C and D stuck at status quo as B3 remains under review

cat c games
In line with expectations following a disappointing consultation document last year, the DCMS has decided not to change stakes and prizes on Cat C, D, B3A/B4 and B3, with the latter remaining under review for additional player protection measures. Cat C, D, B3A/B4 and B3 will remain at their current level of stakes and prizes following a disappointing but expected...

The Gambling Commission’s advice for Category B3

Neil Mcarthur
In its formal advice to the DCMS, the Gambling Commission - now led by chief executive Neil McArthur - outlines its recommendations for changes to B3 machines as part of the government’s review of gaming machines and social responsibility measures.   Category B3 gaming machines have a maximum stake of £2, a maximum prize of £500 and a minimum game cycle...

SG Gaming’s Rick Mountney on B3, B4 and beyond

Coinslot - Scientific Games increase B3 B4
Rick Mountney, UK director of content development at SG Gaming, discusses the firm’s range of B3 and B4 products and how they can maximise play time.   How have your B3/B4 titles and their cabinets grown in popularity over the last year and which have been particularly successful? Our growing series of Colossal Reels games has proven popular with players. We expanded...

RLMS: The summer supply of B3 machine content

Coinslot - Summer b3 Machines RLMS
With a whole host of games for the B3 sector, RLMS has a top range of titles for this summer including Project’s Mega Bars Big Cash.   With one of the most experienced teams in the business, RLMS Sales not only brings a top range of Cat B3 games to the sector, but also market-leading knowledge. The national distributor, part of Novomatic...

Kevin Birch: “It’s not all about the jackpot”

Coinslot Kevin Birch Players Amusements
Kevin Birch, owner of Players Amusements, has been impressed by B3 development over the last few years, highlighting an added entertainment value that’s keeping ‘bums on seats’.   Players Amusements has seen a return in player base to its B3 machines over the last few years, with owner Kevin Birch attributing the uplift to an increased entertainment factor in game content. Whilst...

Flexibility at the heart of latest Project B3

Coinslot - Project B3 mega Bars
Project has confirmed its latest B3 model, Mega Bars Big Cash, will be made available with a back library of 24 titles.   Project’s Mega Bars Big Cash is the latest B3 model to be given the spotlight treatment by RLMS Sales. Already an iconic game in its own right, this latest version has been made available with a back library...

Bacta convention – Division leaders on contactless urgency

Coinslot Bacta convention
Although the post-lunch Challenge Panel touched on a range of issues concerning the future of the coin-op industry, it was once again debit cards which dominated proceedings, as the trade body’s division leaders stressed the importance of rapid action. One of Bacta president Jason Frost’s key internal contributions during this past year has been the work of his Strategy Committee....

BBC report attacks B3 gaming machines

Coinslot BBC B3
The BBC has launched an alarming attack on gaming machines in bingo halls. A report for the Victoria Derbyshire programme, also hosted on the BBC News website, alleges that B3 machines are the cause of social harm, quoting two gambling addicts who claim to have been affected by them. The article complains that machines are often placed in a location...

Richard Sheldon – Give B3 the opportunity to compete

Coinslot Richard Sheldon B3
Storm Gaming CEO Richard Sheldon reveals his forthright views on the need to bolster stakes across all fronts for AWP machines, with particular attention needing to be paid to the already popular B3 category. While Theresa May makes headlines with her Brexit comments, the industry is more directly concerned with whether she will follow through on rumours of a triennial...