Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Tag: B3 Sector

Blueprint: Taking digital to a new level

Blueprint B3 James Lowe & Gavin Wright
Blueprint’s dedication to producing best-in-class B3 content has seen the company move to the forefront of a market that is primed for an exciting period of growth comments content manager, James Lowe and UK sales manager Gavin Wright

Astra predicts a bright future for the B3 sector

Coinslot - Astra Games B3 Sector
Astra Games’ Alan Rogers predicts further growth for the B3 sector as his company caters to an increasing demand for ‘a more luxurious gaming experience’.   Astra Games has been working to offer a higher-end gaming experience with the company identifying further potential for growth in the B3 sector. The Novomatic manufacturer recently launched its VIP Lounge cabinet to meet an increasing...