Friday, September 25, 2020

Tag: Aztec Coin Equipment

Sideways, upwards and onwards: Aztec expands operational space

Richard Monk Aztec Coin
Aztec Coin have expanded their operation to accommodate a growth in the company’s machine stock following a surge in demand.

Virus / lockdown / our future: Industry concerns are deepening

Richard Monk Aztec Coin Equipment letter Gambling Commission lockdown
Richard Monk, the driving force behind Aztec Coin, has written to the Gambling Commission to convey the fears that he and hundreds of other small businesses in the industry have over the future. He believes the Commission has a positive role to play in helping to save the sector and move it forward.

Aztec Coin: Strength in breadth

Aztec Coin Equipment 1000x562
With estate diversity the name of the game for coastal operators the Aztec Coin portfolio of new and used products is the perfect match comments owner Richard Monk.