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Industry figure Robert Higgins to retire after 45 years

Robert Higgins industry retirement
Following a long and illustrious career in the coin-operated gaming industry, Robert Higgins, latterly of Novomatic Gaming UK, is retiring after 45 years.

Prismatic: Polished, perfected, and still performing

Prismatic Cat C cabinets
Following the release of new content, cabinets, and infills at EAG in January, Astra Games has shown its commitment to polishing all sides of its already market-leading Prismatic range.

Prismatic: Pioneering the future digital content model

Prismatic Lo Boy
With new titles such as Center Point from Harlequin Games, Reel King Multiplier from Astra Games, and Win Zone from Bell Fruit Games, the Prismatic and the Prismatic Lo Boy..

Astra Games: Diverse digital content is key to unlocking growth

Astra Games digital growth
The introduction of Astra Games’ Prismatic range for both pubs and AGCs has boosted cashbox revenue for operators in 2019, with sales and marketing..

Astra highlights Prismatic Lo Boy following top marks on test

Prismatic Lo Boy
Astra Games placed the Prismatic Lo Boy in the limelight at ACOS alongside fellow cast members of the company’s top performing digital range

The Prismatic phenomenon!

Ian Shreeve Prismatic
Ian Shreeve, sales and marketing director responsible for Astra Games and Bell-Fruit Games, explains how proven content from the best games developers..

Ron Watt’s looks back on the early days of Astra Games

JPM, Astra, Games, sega, uk
"After JPM I was doing some consultancy for Eddie Morales with SEGA SA: I knew that Eddie wanted to expand the business so I convinced him to look to do something in the UK. "He was receptive to the idea so I invited my friends Jack Jones and Alan Parker to be part of the adventure and it was Jack...

Astra Games: 25 years and still going strong

Chris Butler, Astra Games, novomatic, slots, games, uk gaming
As Astra Games celebrates its silver anniversary, Novomatic UK director, Chris Butler, reflects on the past, present and future of a brand whose products have helped change the face of UK gaming. Looking back over the last 25 years what models would you cite as being Astra’s stand out products? Chris Butler: It’s not in my nature to be overly nostalgic...

Astra embrace opportunity to listen

Astra interview
COS has provided Astra Games with a springboard to finish 2018 on a high and approach the challenges of 2019 head on, according to sales and marketing director, Ian Shreeve. Reflecting on the various aspects of the show from an Astra perspective, he said: “I have been in the role at Astra for little more than a month so ACOS...

Content drives star studded line-up from Astra Games

Claire Peet Astra Games ACOS
Astra will be using its expanded presence at ACOS to show a mix of exciting B3 and Cat C product. The company’s B3 offering is led by Big Bonus Wheel a compendium style product which is in Astra’s VIP Lounge cabinet...

Astra Games Big Bonus Wheel expansion continues

Astra Big Wheel
Astra Games and Luxury Leisure/Talarius have continued to expand the rollout of Big Bonus Wheel with Peterborough, Bury, Newcastle and Edinburgh all going live. Paul Monkman, gaming and service director at Luxury Leisure/Talarius, commented: “The timing of the rollout of Big Bonus Wheel couldn’t be better, coming as it does just ahead of the main operating season. It will enable...

Big Bonus Wheel, hitting a high street near you

Big Bonus Wheel VIP
Astra Games and Luxury Leisure/Talarius have expanded the rollout of Big Bonus Wheel with Rotherham, Manchester and Liverpool going live.   The installations have already made their mark, confirming the confidence Astra have in the product. Sales and marketing director Alan Rogers confirmed: “Big Bonus Wheel clearly compliments Astra’s VIP Lounge. Aesthetically and functionally it’s something of a groundbreaker that turns...

Trolley King: Bringing slots to the supermarket

THIS ARTICLE WAS PUBLISHED AS AN APRIL FOOL'S JOKE BY THE COINSLOT EDITORIAL TEAM on APRIL 1st 2018. As part of Novomatic UK, Bridgend-based Astra Games has been pushing the innovation envelope since 1992.   Its latest development has seen the company build on the trend in high street gaming by bringing its industry-renowned slot gaming to Britain’s supermarket aisles. Trolley King, featuring...

Astra Games: Elemental Dragons hits the market

  Already making waves out on location, Astra Games’ Elemental Dragons multiplayer unit is well positioned to grow its footprint in the UK gaming landscape over the year to come.   Astra Games, part of Novomatic UK, has reported highly encouraging feedback from the market to its recently launched Elemental Dragons. The three-player model is attracting sales in both Cat C fully switchable...

Astra Games’ VIP range open to all at EAG

Coinslot - Cabinet Astra Games ICE 2017
Manufacturer Astra Games head to the ExCeL this year hoping to wow the industry with a lineup of the very latest gaming innovation, fronted by the newly licensed, Austin Powers.   The Bridgend-based company will be showing a variety of product styles allied to ancillary equipment including End of Bank promotional screens. Astra’s EAG collection will also comprise of Elemental Dragons in...

Astra Games signs with E-Systems for Ainsworth

ICR - Ainsworth E-systems NOVOMATIC Astra
Astra Games, part of NOVOMATIC UK, has signed a new distribution agreement with German-based casino equipment distributor E-Systems GmbH   The deal will include the provision of Ainsworth Gaming Technology products in several European markets and reaffirms the long-standing partnership between E-Systems and Ainsworth UK following the restructuring of the Ainsworth business in Europe. Under the newly extended agreement, E-Systems, formerly known...

Novomatic launches new staff competition

Coinslot - Competition NOVOMATIC
Astra Games and Bell-Fruit Games, part of Novomatic UK, have launched a new employee of the month competition.   Every month, exceptional staff members will be handed the keys to a range topping Ford Mustang convertible. “This is very much a people industry that we’re in, so it’s vitally important that we recognise and reward the hard work and commitment shown by...

Zane Mersich: Encouraging signs in challenging times

Coinslot - Zane Mersich NOVOMATIC comment
In Astra Games’ 2016 Annual Report, Zane Mersich the CEO of Novomatic UK provides a strategic report detailing Astra’s future developments to remain at the forefront of an industry on the up.   Mersich said: "The company’s performance will be supported by the continued slow improvement in the general state of the economy resulting in higher levels of discretionary spend available...

Astra and BFG reports solid performances in challenging climate

Coinslot - GC report reports
With the long-awaited triennial featuring heavily in both Annual Reports, Astra Games and Bell-Fruit enjoyed a solid 2016 as they remain at the forefront of an industry ready for review.   Novomatic UK companies Astra Games and Bell-Fruit Games have posted strong results in their respective annual reports for the “challenging” year ending 31 December 2016. Leading the way was Astra which...

Astra’s Claire Peet is all set for The Belfry

Coinslot - Claire Peet Coinslot
Claire Peet has been part of an industry success story, and we’re not just talking about in her professional role as sales office manager at low stake gaming giant, Astra Games!   Claire’s was the first entry drawn out of the digital hat in the competition to launch the industry’s newest and brightest media channel, coinslot.co.uk. All she had to do...

RLMS launch Astra Games’ compendium

Coinslot - RLMS Astra Compendium titles
Presenting a collaborative effort from Novomatic sister companies Bell-Fruit and Astra Games, RLMS Sales has launched a new 27-game compendium Cat B3, Hot Slotto 500.   RLMS Sales has launched a brand new Cat B3 title this week hosting one of the biggest and brightest palette of games currently available in the market. Hailing from Astra Games, a leading innovator in game...

Batman Begins Redemption enters the market

Coinslot - Batman Begins Redemption
Astra Games has reported highly encouraging feedback from the market to its recently launched ticket payout game, Batman Begins Redemption.   The new model was officially unveiled in three-player guise at the recent Northern Showcase and initial reactions from operators indicate that it is proving to be a big hit with players out on location. The game has been designed with a...

Crown jewel in the North West 10 year’s on

Coinslot - Crown Direct Northern Showcase
A decade after first launching, Crown Direct opened its Northern Showcase to operators once again on 3 - 4 May, with the regional Bacta AGM accompanying to provide a well-balanced day-out in Leyland, Lancashire.   With the promise of warm food, a free bar, and a large room lined with the latest products from Crown Direct and Astra Games, operators from...

RLMS heading east with big product line-up

Coinslot - RLMS East Coast
RLMS Sales will be exhibiting at both legs of the East Coast Amusement Show this year, bringing with them an impressive portfolio of summer products.  “We’re really looking forward to spending some quality time with customers old and new over the two legs of ECAS 2017” RLMS are putting their weight behind this years’s double ECAS offering with territory sales managers...

Astra predicts a bright future for the B3 sector

Coinslot - Astra Games B3 Sector
Astra Games’ Alan Rogers predicts further growth for the B3 sector as his company caters to an increasing demand for ‘a more luxurious gaming experience’.   Astra Games has been working to offer a higher-end gaming experience with the company identifying further potential for growth in the B3 sector. The Novomatic manufacturer recently launched its VIP Lounge cabinet to meet an increasing...

Astra’s Batman Begins to bring players together

Coinslot - Astra Batman Begins
The heroic new product from Astra Games has already made waves at the major trade shows in early 2017 and is now beginning to make a sizeable impact on the multiplayer market in a variety of categories.   When it comes to iconic comic book super heroes there are none more famous than the caped crusader himself, Batman. And when allied...

Orders roll in for Astra’s VIP Lounge cabinet

Coinslot - Cabinet Astra Games ICE
New VIP Lounge cabinet from Astra Games receives unprecedented response from industry at ICE.   Astra Games has reported an overwhelming response to its VIP Lounge cabinet in the wake of this year’s ICE Totally Gaming. The cabinet, which received its premiere showing at ExCeL, drew an unprecedented level of interest over the three day event, resulting in firm orders ahead of...

ICE exceeds Astra expectations ahead of busy 2017 for company

Coinslot Astra ICE Totally Gaming
Backed both by the caped crusader, along with a host of other titles, the yearly trip to ICE was more than successful for Astra, as a greater than expected crowd found its way to the popular Arcade and Pub section of the Novomatic stand. Forming a key part of the mammoth Novomatic stand at this year’s ICE, Astra Games were...

EAG 2017 report: Astra Games – A heroic showing

Coinslot Astra chris butler bonus
As ever, there was plenty to choose from at the Astra stand this year, including the EAG debut of its Batman licence. Appearing in both gaming and redemption form, the caped crusader was the star attraction of a stand that also hosted an array of other titles. Manufacturer Astra showcased a host of new games, covering categories B, C and...

Rogers sees a market for TITO and beyond

Coinslot Alan Rogers Astra Games
With TITO’s popularity rising in 2017, Alan Rogers from Astra Games believes that the next step for the industry could be a cashless solution. In 2016 TITO technology was increasingly used in games machines, gaining popularity with users who no longer had to wait for an attendant to perform a hand pay for large payouts. Alan Rogers, sales and marketing director...