Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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Blackpool Pleasure Beach Halloween advert banned

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Halloween advert banned
The Advertising Standards Authority has banned an advert used by Blackpool Pleasure Beach for its Journey to Hell Freak Nights, after complaints claimed the poster image was “inappropriate and disturbing.”   The ad had been displayed at The Trafford Centre in Manchester in September, and featured “an image of a pale face, with yellow eyes, visible cracks on the skin and...

Children viewing gambling ads at five year low, say ASA

Children gambling advertising ASA betting
The latest numbers from the Advertising Standards Authority cast a new light on recent hysteria as to kids’ exposure to gambling commercials on the box. Is rushing to judgement now a prerequisite to every national debate on gambling? In what may well prove to be an embarrassing turn of events for the anti-gambling lobby,new statistics from the Advertising Standards Authority...

Are gambling industry ads unfairly targeted?

Coinslot - Gambling ads Verne Troyer Media Watch
Media Watch investigates claims that ads for gambling companies are scrutinised unfairly by regulators.   In the media this week, Gambling Insider asks if the gambling industry is being treated unfairly by advertising regulators around the world. Recently the UK’s ASA has had a serious crack down on all unauthorised advertising campaigns, although it seems that the gambling industry is continually...