Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Bacta join forces with C of E at APPG Impact Event

bacta APPG Impact Event
Bacta joined forces with a broad range of stakeholders and individuals including the Church of England, The Royal Society for Public Health, numerous local authorities, gambling addicts, reformed addicts and representatives from both the House of Lords and the House of Commons in an unequivocal show of support for a reduction in the maximum FOBT stake to £2.   The All Party...

Visitor Economy APPG inquiry to launch

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Visitor Economy is set to launch an enquiry into the impact of digital economy advancements on the land based tourism sector.   The group, which has the BHA acting as secretariat, will start its inquiry in October, following the summer recess period. The action will take evidence from a range of noted experts on the impact...

Political pressure increases to cut FOBT stake

Coinslot - FOBT stake
The APPG has released a number of photos taken with MPs to raise awareness for the ‘Cut the stake. Reduce FOBT harm’ campaign.   The Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBT) All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), has staged a photo opportunity at Portcullis House with MPs drawn from across the political spectrum invited to show their support for the ‘Cut the stake....

ABB way off the mark regarding FOBT focus

Coinslot FOBTs Triennial Review criticism ABB
Sam Spencer argues that while the ABB may feel they have scored a PR victory against the APPG, getting so excited over something so trivial undoubtedly exposes the shallow depths of their arguments.   "The lady doth protest too much", goes the old Shakespearean saying, however in this case, it appears the ABB doth celebrate too much. Like an off-form striker that...

Bookmakers capitalise on trivial APPG errors

Coinslot - APPG errors Bacta
Bacta has argued that the ABB is twisting technical reporting errors out of proportion, in an attempt to distract the public and discredit MPs’ recommendation for cutting FOBT stakes to £2.   British bookmakers have attempted to exploit “tiny technical errors” made by a group of MPs, Bacta has said, in a “desperate” attempt to discredit their conclusions on FOBTs. The All-Party...

BALPPA joins growing parliamentary FOBT campaign

Coinslot FOBT campaign BALPPA
Pier and leisure attractions trade group BALPPA has officially signed on as an association member of the FOBT APPG, which has recently become a lightning rod for the debate around B2 machines.   The British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions (BALPPA) has become the latest organisation to back the growing campaign for action on FOBTs. BALPPA is the Trade Association...

Drop FOBT stakes to £2 says parliamentary report

Coinslot, FOBT, Carolyn Harris, APPG,
A group of politicians from across the political spectrum has published an interim report in its project to gather evidence on FOBTs, calling on the government to impose a maximum £2 stake on B2 machines.   The All Parliamentary Group on FOBTs has called for B2 stakes to be reduced to a maximum of £2. The announcement by the cross-party group,...

British Parliamentary Group to host international legislators in February

Coinslot Philip Davies MP ICE Totally Gaming
Day’s programme to include visit to ICE Totally Gaming, international policy seminar, tour of a betting shop, bingo hall and London casino and reception at the Palace of Westminster. While authorised and regulated at the state level, gambling faces challenges and undergoes developments that transcend national boundaries. To facilitate the exchange on gambling policy and share best practice from around...