Tuesday, June 28, 2022


Constructive communication is key to industry-regulator relationship

David Clifton Communication is key
While the All-Party Betting & Gaming Group’s report into the Gambling Commission has been kept at arm’s length by trade bodies in the industry, David Clifton of consultants Clifton Davies identified some arguments that he agreed with - despite condemning the way in which they were communicated.

“It is our opinion that the Commission has gone rogue and no longer acts in a way that any legitimate regulated industry deserves…”

Scott Benton Parliamentary Report Review Gambling Commission
In a damning report - some 178 pages long - the shortcomings of the Gambling Commission were dissected and its credibility somewhat dismantled, as criticism upon scathing criticism was highlighted by an all party parliamentary group.

On notice: Parliamentary group opens inquiry into Gambling Commission’s ‘competence and effectiveness

Scott Benson All Party Betting and Gaming Group
It’s time for the industry to air its views on the Gambling Commission’s regulatory powers and, more importantly, its over-reach of those powers. The All-Party Betting and Gaming Group has taken on board the ‘fears’ of those critical of the Commission and established a safe environment for complaints against the regulator to be lodged. If the numbers are sufficient, the regulator could be in for a rough ride in the gambling review.

All-Party group calls for evidence in Gambling Act review

Westminster APBGG gambling laws Gambling Act review
Lockdown won’t stop members of the All Party Betting & Gaming Group from undertaking what looks to be the groundwork for a government overhaul of the UK’s gambling laws.