Thursday, August 18, 2022

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“The profile of the GC and how they position themselves right now is uncomfortable”

Gambling Commisson APBGG report Anonymous Bingo Operator response
Life has been hard for bingo operators over the past two years; Covid, and more importantly the policies designed to protect us from it, has only served to drag the sector into difficult territory. Whilst there were many offering a supportive hand, there was one notable stakeholder that refused: the Gambling Commission. This bingo operator, anonymous for obvious reasons, believes the regulator needs to rethink its processes and take stock of the APBGG report.

Miles Baron: “The best way back for the GC is getting its basic services fit for purpose”

Miles Baron Bingo Association
There’s a measured tone in the Bingo Association’s response to the APBGG report on the Gambling Commission. There is a need for checks and balances on the regulator, it says, and it must restore its services back to a level ‘fit for purpose’. However, there is an internal reshaping necessary at the Commission - what’s needed more than ever is stronger leadership and stronger emphasis on the quality people at the GC who ‘work hard to maintain dialogue and communication with the industry’.

Peter Hannibal: Operator’s Voice has been lost in unhelpful soundbites

Peter Hannibal Gambling Business Group APBGG report response
The Gambling Business Group has honed in on the core issues of the APBGG report and rather than ‘hang the Commission out to dry’, the body drives focus towards a way forward and improving the treatment of its members and the industry.

Debbie Bollard: The Commission is in real danger at the moment of destroying an industry that has worked hard to set high standards

Debbie Bollard APBGG report response
Debbie Bollard deals with the Commission almost every week discussing licence applications and has a direct understanding of how it works. Having experienced both the good and bad, she places her faith in those principles governing the regulatory arena and questions whether the Commission’s performance sits comfortably against the standards outlined in the Regulators Code. A body in need of balance, there are fears, she says, that the Commission is on a path that is endangering the industry.

Mark Jepp: They have made us all feel like we are doing something wrong and hiding behind the parapet

Mark Jepp Majestic Bingo APBGG report response
Mark Jepp never pulls his punches and when it comes to the APBGG report on the Gambling Commission, he’s not going to change his ways.

Bacta: We remain concerned about ‘regulatory creep’

John White Bacta APBGG report response
Trade association Bacta stepped back a little from the APBGG report; it was perhaps a bit too pungent for a body conscious of its need to convey the voice of its membership through its own more direct and positive relationship with the regulator.

Simon Thomas: It is one of the core principles of good regulation that the regulator itself is accountable – and this requires systematic scrutiny

Response APBGG Report into Gambling
Simon Thomas has operated in nearly all the industry sectors and served in most of the key association offices. Which probably explains his reasoned approach to the APBGG report.