Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Singing praises: Harry Levy’s Angry Birds dubbed “the best income hammer game” by operators

Geoff Spencer Harry Levy Amusements Angry Birds Whacker
Described as “the best money taker this season” and “the best income hammer game onsite”, Angry Birds Whacker Game has been praised by FEC operators for its winning theme and eye-catching features. Harry Levy’s Geoff Spencer explains why.

Harry Levy redemption flying high

Harry Levy Butterfly and Angry Birds Redemption
Having performed well since their respective releases, the Harry Levy Butterfly pusher and Angry Birds stomper are now set to make their mark in the..

Mobile games to become future retro favourites, study says

Coinslot - Mobile games future retro study
Despite most not being a decade old yet, mobile games are set to become retro classics in the future, a study has predicted.   Research based on polling from 1,500 Britons concluded that Candy Crush and Angry Birds, along with its older rival Snake, are set to replace Pacman, Super Mario and Lemmings as (paradoxically, perhaps) “the retro games of the...