Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: Andy Palmer

“It’s the community”: A meet with the gamers keeping arcade classics alive

Arcade Club retro arcade classics
Vice magazine paid a visit to Arcade Club earlier this year, with a new report detailing the “labour of love” behind the Bury venue’s success, and the enduring appeal of arcade games. Coinslot shares their experiences.

Arcade Club gains go-ahead for new Blackpool venue

Arcade Club granted permission Blackpool
Another week, and another story of expansion within the old-skool retro video arcade sector: with news that the Bury-based Arcade Club brand will soon be expanding to Blackpool.

Arcade Club sets course to make UK “the arcade capital of the world”

Arcade Club
What turned a computer repair shop into an ambitious retro arcade experience. Andy Palmer talks about the journey from Rossendale to Bury, Leeds and soon to come Blackpool.

Game on: Arcade club re-opens in Bury

Arcade Club Bury reopening
One of the largest independent amusement arcades in the UK has re-emerged from lockdown, with a raft of new Covid-mitigating policies in tow.

Retro arcade at former Blackpool casino site

Retro Arcade to open Blackpool
A large retro arcade is to be opened in Blackpool at the site of two former casinos. The Arcade Club venture will open in a premises on Bloomfield Road..