Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Commission chief makes first trip to Merkur and Admiral AGCs

Andrew Rhodes tweet AGC visit
With face-to-face business finally resuming, the Gambling Commission's chief executive Andrew Rhodes joined Bacta’s John White on his first in-person visit to an adult gaming centre.

Allwyn appointed new National Lottery operator bar the legals

National Lottery licence Allwyn Entertainment successful
Allwyn will replace Camelot as the National Lottery operator in two years’ time, with the Czech Republic-based firm committing to generating additional funds for good causes while providing further responsible gambling safeguards.

Is Rhodes heading for a permanent stay as CEO at the Gambling Commission?

Andrew Rhodes Gambling Commission
After treading a fine line to appease both the gambling industry and its anti-industry lobby, Gambling Commission interim CEO Andrew Rhodes’ tone has been well received by culture minister, Nadine Dorries, who is expected to confirm his permanent appointment imminently, according to the Guardian.

Industry told to tighten up on SR and AML

SR AML Social responsibility Anit-Money Laundering Gambling Commission
The Gambling Commission has told the industry to tighten up its compliance to social responsibility and anti-money laundering regulations.

Giving the industry a sensible and deliverable White Paper tops Harding’s wish list

Nick Harding 2021 review Spray Lakes Consultancy
Spray Lakes Consultancy has only been in existence for some six months but founder Nick Harding has been round the block more than a few times occupying a number of senior industry roles. Not one to sit on the fence he argues that the Commission’s Andrew Rhodes is someone the industry could work with, bemoans the behaviour of mainstream media during Covid and argues for the return of the Triennial Review process in order that stake and prize levels keep pace with inflation.

Regulus: Rhodes “has his work cut out” to reform the regulator

Regulus Partners Rhodes has his work cut out to reform regulator
Despite delivering a “refreshingly grown-up assessment of the state of the industry and of regulation”, Andrew Rhodes, Gambling Commission CEO, “has his work cut out” to fix the regulator’s systemic issues, according Regulus Partners.

Gambling Commission accuses industry of being “recidivist” in compliance

Andrew Rhodes GambleAware conference
The interim CEO of the Gambling Commission has accused UK operators of “recidivist behaviour” in integrating compliance measures, warning “there is simply too much harm from gambling.” Nice. And this is the man who says he wants to work with the industry?After this speech at the GambleAware conference, it sounds more like the pot calling the kettle black

Clifton: Give Rhodes a chance to reform our regulator

David Clifton Clifton Davies Consultancy chance to reform regulator
Licensing expert David Clifton of Clifton Davies believes Andrew Rhodes, CEO of the Gambling Commission, deserves a “proper chance” to improve the regulator’s relationship with the industry.

Greg Wood: “We must have the opportunity to try and develop new ideas in the real world”

Greg Wood Bacta convention speech
It was an intelligent and honed speech by the Bacta president Greg Wood at his association’s AGM last week. After clearing the path of some of the debris of disappointments that the industry has experienced over the year, Wood made way for Bacta’s vision on the changes necessary from the Gambling Review to ensure the long term security of the sector.

Poppleston Allen: “Despite society’s changing entertainment demands, cash usage and attitudes towards gambling, the ‘pub fruity’ can thrive”

Poppleston Allen Richard Allen social responsibility
As part of a series of legal-based articles on the industry, Richard Bradley, Associate Solicitor at Poppleston Allen, gets fruity with the Coinslot community, albeit in a pub machines kind of way. If the industry can crack the code for top grade social responsibility and light touch regulation, then the opportunities for gaming machines could be rosy.

Gambling Commission: “…if anyone is thinking this will mean our priorities will change, they are mistaken. In fact, the Gambling Commission is coming out of this year more focussed...

Sarah Gardner Gambling Commission Bacta Convention 21
The Gambling Commission’s Sarah Gardner stepped in for interim CEO Andrew Rhodes at this year’s Bacta Convention to deliver a detailed and wide ranging communique to the industry - we’re “on the right track” she noted, but more needs to be done.

Product design, age verification and cashless wallets on Gambling Commission’s radar

Sarah Gardner Gambling Commission Bacta AGM Product design Cashless wallet
Aside from repeating the new Gambling Commission mantra - “gambling is normal, harm must not be” - the regulator’s Deputy CEO Sarah Gardner honed in on product design, age verification and cashless wallet technology as three areas to watch during her speech to this year’s Bacta AGM.

Commission congratulates itself over credit card ban

Credit card use online gambling
The Gambling Commission’s ban of credit card use on all forms of gambling except lotteries and competitions has been hailed a success by the regulator, which whipped up its own interim report on the matter ahead of an independent evaluation in 2023.   In need of a good news story after a year of criticism, the Gambling Commission has decided to...

Comment – Regulation in Crisis? / Misleading Covid stats damaging businesses on high street

Comment 2759 regulation in crisis
The conveyor belt of Gambling Commission chief executives has churned out yet another bully - it must be part of the job description. Andrew Rhodes has this week told the industry it’s not doing anywhere near enough on social responsibility - it may be a new face, but it’s the same old words. Bullying is part of the Gambling Commission’s DNA.

Bacta to assemble in the Birdcage

Bacta Convention
The industry gathers forces in a fortnight's time in what will be one of the most important gatherings in its history. The Bacta Convention is back on the schedule and with a weighty agenda to boot

Same old record: CG chief Rhodes criticises level of compliance at close of SGW

Andrew Rhodes Gambling Commission Safer Gambling Week
The interim CEO of the Gambling Commission has urged wider compliance from UK operators, with a statement published during Safer Gambling Week observing “there are still far too many operators not abiding by our rules.” It may be a new chief executive, but it’s the same bullying messaging from the regulator.. So much for problem gambling rates reaching its lowest ever level.

DCMS Committee slams “unprecedented” interference by Gambling Commission over inquiry

Andrew Rhodes interim CEO Gambling Commission
The Gambling Commission has been accused of being potentially in “contempt of parliament” by DCMS committee chair Julian Knight, after interim CEO Andrew Rhodes resisted calls for a governmental inquiry. It’s an “unelected quango”, Knight says; it’s an uncomfortably rocky road for newly appointed GC chief.

Comment: Time to confront the antivaxers / If you want to lockdown, then you lockdown / Good news, bad news

Sketch Comment 2741 lockdown restrictions ending
There was a surprising kickback from some quarters to Boris Johnson’s determination to remove Covid restrictions this week. And it seems to be coming from..

BGC calls for Ombudsman ahead of gambling review

Betting and Gaming Council Michael Dugher Ombudsman call Gambling Review regulation
Perhaps learning lessons from the last triennial review, the Betting and Gaming Council has pre-empted potential regulation from the upcoming review by calling for the implementation of a gambling ombudsman for the industry.

OTR – It’s all gone a bit Matt Hancock!

Matt Hancock Off The Record UKGC National Lottery
This week’s OTR looks at how the Euros are kicking COVID regulations into touch, confirms how being a bit ‘Matt Hancock’ is the euphemism of the moment and issues an open invitation or should that be challenge to the latest interim chief executive to occupy the hot seat at UKGC.

Commission appoints new interim chief executive

Andrew Rhodes interim Chief Executive Gambling Commission
There’s a new face at the Gambling Commission helm, albeit another temporary stand-in for at least the next 18 months. Taking up the post as Interim Chief Executive will be Andrew Rhodes, who takes over from joint acting chief executives Sarah Gardner and Sally Jones who revert back to their original Commission duties.