Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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Commission reveals new rules for October

Gambling Commission
Advertising, restrictions on withdrawals, and text marketing are to be more tightly regulated from 31 October, the Gambling Commission has announced, but which new rules are actually relevant for the amusements industry? New rules from the Gambling Commission, which come into force from 31 October 2018, mean gambling companies that break advertising rules or breach consumer law will face tougher...

How RLMS is applying a fresh coat of paint to the past

Tony Glanville
In a 21st Century where upcycling and sustainability are part of the everyday vernacular, Tony Glanville, managing director of RLMS Sales, explains how their in-house approach to used equipment in the amusements industry is more than just a trend, it’s a vital part of their business. COINSLOT: How important is the used/refurbished machine market in the UK? TONY GLANVILLE: Like the...

Bacta launch #Tickets2wishes for Rays of Sunshine campaign

Coinslot - bacta charity #tickets2wishes Rays of Sunshine
The bacta Charitable Trust has set itself an ambitious target of increasing its contribution to the Rays of Sunshine charity to over £500,000 by the end of 2017. The target, which equates to an additional £190,000, will be boosted by #Tickets2wishes, a simple and fun initiative designed primarily for the association’s FEC members. “We urge all operators of redemption machines to...