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AMI Entertainment sold to US investment firm

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After acquiring NSM Music Group earlier this year, AMI Entertainment Network has in turn been bought off itself by the investment firm Gores Group in a bid to further expand into the digital jukebox market.   AMI Entertainment Network, the parent company of NSM Music Group, has been acquired by a US investment firm. On 27 July, the Gores Group (headquarters pictured),...

It’s ‘business as usual’ still at NSM Music

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Back in February, AMI Entertainment Network acquired NSM Music, starting a new era for the jukebox manufacturer whilst maintaining its successful business model.   Jukebox manufacturer NSM Music have issued a ‘business as usual’ message following its acquisition by AMI Entertainment Network. NSM’s UK sales manager Alex Kirby said the acquisition paves the way for exciting new products and services, while maintaining...

Maas: ‘There’s a UK market, it’s a unique market and we’re going to respect that’

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AMI Entertainment CEO Mike Maas, discusses the recent acquisition of NSM and what his immediate and future plans are for AMI’s new UK subsidiary.   The purchase of NSM Music by AMI Entertainment was a deal 10 years in the making, according to the latter’s CEO and president, Mike Maas. “I’ve known Gurbakhash for 10 years and we’ve had various...

AMI Entertainment Network purchase NSM Music Group

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U.S. based entertainment network to invest in innovations for European Jukebox market. A major shift in the dynamics of the European jukebox industry has seen the acquisition of NSM Music Group Ltd. by US-based AMI Entertainment Network, a leading provider of music and video entertainment solutions to the nightclub and bar industry. AMI has been designing and manufacturing jukeboxes for almost...