Friday, January 28, 2022

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Mumbles Pier set for new restaurant and cafe

Mumbles Pier new restaurant cafe application granted
The owners of Mumbles Pier have been granted permission to convert the Grade II listed landmark’s former lifeboat base into a new restaurant, alongside the construction of two pavilions housing retail units and a cafe.

Residents concerned over fate of Mumbles Pier mascots

Ameco Restoration Mumbles Pier mascots
The rumours arose after pictures were published online of the two figures in a state of disrepair at the end of the 835ft structure, however, owners Ameco..

Mumbles Pier on track for temporary summer reopening

Mumbles Pier on track
Mumbles Pier has confirmed it is on course to reopen this month, with visitors able to access the far end of the pier and RNLI station for the summer..

Mumbles Pier to reopen for limited summer season

Mumbles Pier
The owners of Mumbles Pier have announced plans to reopen the attraction for a limited period at the end of May, as refurbishment work continues on the 121- year old structure.   The Swansea landmark, operated by Ameco, will reinstate access to the far end of the pier, as the latest phase of development is considered by Swansea Council. “Plans are in...

Mumbles development lays on protected ground, claim opponents

Emotions run high when it comes to seafront developments; and Mumbles Pier, not surprisingly, fits into that category. The Ameco development in the glorious Welsh seaside town will see £35 million invested in the pier and a five- storey hotel. All good so far for the regeneration of Mumbles. But, not everyone wants this and their search for any loophole...

Mumbles Pier development draws closer despite “heated” local meeting

Mumbles Pier
In a community council survey, residents voted ‘yes’ to the proposed plans for Mumbles Pier. However, such ambitious projects rarely tend to please everyone. he majority of Mumbles residents are in favour of the long-awaited Mumbles Pier development, according to a recent community council poll - despite a recent “heated” local meeting on the matter. With approval for outline plans granted...

Mumbles heathland plans submitted

Mumbles Pier
Official plans for the £35m Mumbles Pier restoration project have been submitted to local authorities with designs to turn the headland area into a world class attraction. The Mumbles seafront is on course for wholesale changes as pier operators have formally submitted plans pertaining to the construction of a five storey holiday accommodation complex. With £3.2m worth of renovation work set...

Amusements income provides the business foundations for Britain’s iconic Piers

Coinslot - bacta piers Britain's pier britain's
Any spell of hot weather and you can guarantee newspaper spreads showing packed beaches at any number of Britain's piers and seaside resorts. However, there’s no need to read the captions to know where the pictures were taken, thanks to the iconic attractions captured within them. Whether it’s Brighton’s Palace Pier, the Grand Pier in Weston-super-Mare, Blackpool Tower or...