Saturday, June 25, 2022

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EAG 2017 report – Direct Leisure: FECs hold the keys

Coinslot Direct Leisure Alfred Katz
Coinslot spoke to Alfred Katz of Direct Leisure about perceived market trends and the success of FECs in recent years. The distributor’s showing at EAG drew particular attention to its offering of extremely popular redemption machines. Katz said of the growth of the sector during 2016: “It was a very refreshing year, certainly the growth of the industry towards novelty and...

Growth on the horizon in 2017 for Direct Leisure

Coinslot EAG Direct Leisure
Direct Leisure predicts that sales in the redemption market will experience continuing growth in all family entertainment centres. As such, the company is adding to its vast gaming stock in anticipation for another strong year. And lending a hand will be none other than Scooby Doo, who will be pushing the cause forward. With over 30 years’ experience in the...

Alfred Katz – Redemption vs Fruit Machines

Alfred Katz, director at Direct Leisure, reflects on the sectors which have experienced growth and offers his view on where investments should be made. Direct Leisure has seen a marked growth in the redemption ticket market this past year so director, Alfred Katz, has every reason to applaud his company’s decision to invest in more of these machines. Katz believes the...