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NSM Music offers key upgrade and conversion

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NSM Music has announced an enhanced conversion and upgrade for the Sound Leisure MIM and V Hub 32” models.   “Initially we offered a new hard drive and memory upgrade, bringing enormous benefits,” says NSM Music Sales Manager Alex Kirby. “But now we’ve gone a step further, with the option to add a completely new PC.” Alex says that upgrading means users...

It’s ‘business as usual’ still at NSM Music

Coinslot - NSM Music business as usual
Back in February, AMI Entertainment Network acquired NSM Music, starting a new era for the jukebox manufacturer whilst maintaining its successful business model.   Jukebox manufacturer NSM Music have issued a ‘business as usual’ message following its acquisition by AMI Entertainment Network. NSM’s UK sales manager Alex Kirby said the acquisition paves the way for exciting new products and services, while maintaining...

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A long standing supporter of EAG International, NSM Music is planning an exciting presentation for visitors to stand 310 at EAG 2017.   NSM Music’s heritage stretches back to the middle of the last century and the company is aiming to build on that heritage and apply new technologies to design, develop and manufacture for the next generation of digital jukeboxes,...

NSM Music’s Alex Kirby: Staying current is key

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NSM Music’s Alex Kirby goes in depth on what his company is offering the current crop of jukebox operators.   Coinslot: How can operators ensure that their jukeboxes continue to generate revenue all year round?                                                    Alex Kirby: We need to use the ever-changing technology to best effect. Our Icon Storm was a great example of a jukebox design that was a...

The boom is set to continue for NSM Music

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It’s been quite a twelve months for NSM. As it draws to a close they reflect on achievements of past years and look forward to what they can offer the current-day customer. NSM Music say 2016 was their busiest year since the CD jukebox era began. Sales climbed when the company launched the icon Storm in January, and then just...