Saturday, June 25, 2022

Tag: Alex Carpanini

Welsh government leaving AGCs in the lurch, says Crole

Jamie Crole AGC operator Wales
AGC operators in Wales have been facing yet more grief in dealing with their local councils, with one business owner lamenting that his gaming outfit has not only been denied any relief on business rates - but is still none the wiser as to when it might re-open.

Bridgend council U-turn on grant money “crazy,” says AGC operator

Alex Carpanini BBC news
The lunatics are running the asylum in Cardiff as far as Welsh arcade operator Alex Carpanini is concerned, after one local council cited guidance from the devolved government in its request that he pay them £25,000 back in Covid-19 relief funding. This was certainly not in the Treasury’s spirit of doing “whatever it takes” to protect businesses during the crisis.