Friday, December 3, 2021

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South coast councils see benefit of licensing diversity

Seaside alcohol licence
Seaside councils along the south coast are proving increasingly receptive to new alcohol licence applications, allowing coastal venues to attract customers with a diverse hospitality offering.

Carving a niche: The new challenge for the pub landlord

As pubs increasingly try to be all things to all people, new research suggests that it is in carving out a specific niche that the pub-landlord best positions his venue for high-returns. The latest research on British market trends from research firm the Mintel group shows significant disparity between demographics of customers: older drinkers seek a more traditional pub experience,and...

Cost of a pint now judged “unaffordable” by most Brits

A new survey finds that over half of UK adults may be struggling to cough-up the change for a pint in their local. All the more reason, then, for investment in the pub machines sector. The exorbitant price of a beer in pubs may well be keeping swathes of punters at home, suggests pub advocacy group The Campaign for Real...

Trade bodies condemn latest alcohol research

alcohol beer drinking
Research released by Cambridge University stating that one alcoholic drink a day can shorten your life has been condemned by industry bodies. The study, published in The Lancet, claims that drinking more than five glasses of wine or pints of beer a week causes greater risk of strokes, fatal aneurysms and heart failure. However many industry figures condemned the study pointing...