Sunday, January 23, 2022

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National Lottery age limit comes into effect

National Lottery new age limit comes into effect
Age limits on National Lottery products are now in place across both online and retail, with the UK’s under-18s officially unable to play any lottery game in store as of 1 October.

Bacta ban on under 18’s playing Cat D complex machines in place from March

Bacta Cat D age limit increase March
From the 1st of March, Bacta Division 1 members will voluntarily raise the age limit for Category D complex machines to 18.

National Lottery in line for minimum age increase

National lottery minimum age increase
It’s looking increasingly like a case of not if, but when the minimum age for playing the National Lottery will be raised to 18.

Government mulls over raising scratchcard and lottery age limit

Scratchcards age limit
Under 18s could be barred from purchasing scratchcards and lottery tickets as the government launches age-limit consultation ahead of the bidding process..

Ireland’s raised age limit a “piecemeal effort” at gambling reform

Coinslot - Ireland age limit gambling reform
The beginning of long-awaited gambling reform in Ireland has finally come to fruition, however the Irish Amusements Trade Association believe “this piecemeal effort” does nothing to bring the country’s legislation to where it should be.   The minimum age limit for all forms of gambling in the Republic of Ireland is to be set at 18 years old under new legislation...