Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Greg Wood:We are absolutely determined to have our asks heard in this process and that is a major priority

Greg Wood Bacta gambling review
It’s a crucial, industry defining 12 months on the agenda for businesses as the Gambling Review, recovery from the Covid fall-out and resetting the entrepreneurial energies come to test the amusements and gaming spirit..

Bacta picks up plaudits at its annual convention

Bacta picks up plaudits at its annual convention
Following last week’s AGM, politicians and Bacta members have both “acknowledged the thorough and effective work of the trade association”. In a dispatch issued by the trade body, we get a glimpse of how Bacta’s work has been reaching out to people. In its very own words, here’s the association’s review in its post AGM release.

Greg Wood: “We must have the opportunity to try and develop new ideas in the real world”

Greg Wood Bacta convention speech
It was an intelligent and honed speech by the Bacta president Greg Wood at his association’s AGM last week. After clearing the path of some of the debris of disappointments that the industry has experienced over the year, Wood made way for Bacta’s vision on the changes necessary from the Gambling Review to ensure the long term security of the sector.

A breath of fresh air: DCMS confirms masks not required for arcades and FECs

mask rules DCMS confirmation
The industry has received confirmation from DCMS that England’s arcades and FECs are exempt from new government mask rules, but as has become normal practice, there are mixed returns north of the border.

Off The Record – MPs / Medics / Interest Rates

Off the record MPs Parliament second jobs Medics AGCs FECs
In the light of new evidence concerning moonlighting elected representatives Off The Record asks when does the second job actually become the first job, how much should Medics receive to encourage them to relocate to work in Blackpool and argues why the industry needs to get more MPs into our AGCs and FECs - pronto!

Off The Record – Gambling Commission / Problem Gambling / EAG / Covid / Fishing / COP26

Off the Record Bully Gambling Commission problem gambling EAG infection rate
Coinslot’s outspoken Arcadian takes a look at the decline in Anglo/French relations, asks isn’t it time the Gambling Commission takes a long hard look at itself and laments the ‘do what I say’ not ‘do what I do’ attitude of the world leaders and mega names flying into Glasgow on their private jets.

Autumn Budget Industry Response

industry response Autumn Budget ©UK Parliament_Jessica Taylor
It wasn’t worth waiting up all night for Santa but Bacta did take some positives from the chancellor’s budget statement. Business rates reduction, beer duty freeze and the prospect of extra cash percolating around the system are all good for the sector. But still no MGD cut which is really what the industry needs.

Off The Record – ACOS / Minimum Wage/ Scaremongering / Vaccine Passports

ACOS 2021 Off The Record
A ‘bloody brilliant’ ACOS, the spectre of Vaccine Passports and why politicians must do something about the wholesale leaking of policies - all of this and more in the latest words of wisdom courtesy of Coinslot’s favourite Off the Record Arcadian.

Reflex Gaming announce brand new game releases for ACOS

Reflex Gaming Desperate Dawgs ACOS
It’s going to be a stand for all seasons at ACOS this week, as Reflex bring their extensive portfolio of games reaching a wide range of operations to London. Topping that bill will be Desperate Dawgs, the company’s latest monthly release for the pub sector. Mat Ingram, CPO at Reflex Gaming, outlines what’s on offer.

NRM to make debut appearance at ACOS

Andrew Ludlow NRM Group ACOS Debut
After confirming two hugely positive milestone developments NRM is eager to get back to business with a raft of new products and lots to talk about at ACOS.

Off The Record

Brighton Pier Off The Record Labour Conference John Whittingdale energy crisis
Off The Record laments the loss of John Whittingdale, predicts a bumpy Conference ride for Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and explains why rising energy costs are a body blow to the AGC business.

Off The Record

Gavin Williamson Off The Record Government reshuffle ACOS Winter lockdown
The Government reshuffle, what to expect at ACOS, the spectre of a winter lockdown and why blocking the M25 really isn’t the best way to win the support of the Great British population - all topics covered by Coinslot’s intrepid Arcadian in this week’s Off The Record.

Study finds gambling premises concentrated in “deprived areas”

Gambling Study deprived areas
A study has found one fifth of all UK gambling venues are located in “left behind” areas of the country - hardly surprising given that so many other sectors are unwilling to invest in these communities. However, trade bodies have been forced to once again defend the sector’s social and economic contribution.

Cash on site makes AGCs a target for criminals

John White cash on site makes AGCs target criminals
A recent rise in robberies at AGCs further underlines the need for the introduction of cashless payments, Bacta CEO John White contends.

Low point for high street: One in seven shops shuttered with vacancies at a record high

UK High Street low point British Retail Consortium
The size of the challenge facing businesses on the high street has been put into sharp focus following the latest data-set published by the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Freedom day has delivered a mixed bag of fortunes for the industry says Bacta

John White industry staff shortages
There is a ‘genuine shortage of staff’, observes Bacta’s John White, and it’s making opening tough work for some operators. But the crucial summer holiday period is starting and the industry needs to start rebuilding balance sheets for the winter.

Bacta: The benefit of being part of something bigger

Keir Starmer and the Bolloms Bacta
Getting the industry voice heard amongst the cacophony of demands on government, pandemic or no pandemic, is why trade associations like Bacta are essential in today’s business landscape.

Freedom day Delay: The national operator perspective

Sascha Blodau Merkur Slots Freedom Day Delay
The government has confirmed that it will delay the final lifting of lockdown restrictions for a further month. This will entail continued social distancing, capacity restrictions, Covid measures in venues, facemasks and home working. MERKUR UK’s Sascha Blodau answers some important questions.

Astrosystems looks to the future as industry reopens

Debbie Malin Astrosystems look to future
As the industry prepares to see restrictions ease, Astrosystems MD Debbie Malin spoke to Coinslot about the “renewed optimism” shown by operators, and outlined the way forward for cash handling.

Blueprint’s VExpo ‘best in breed’

Nicola Wallbank Blueprint
The dust has settled on Blueprint’s VExpo and the post event mood music is suggesting a more upbeat tempo to the second half of the year as operators look to invest in the future

Off the Record: Hanging Hancock out to dry

off the record Matt Hancock inflation staff
OTR delves into the shark bowl that’s Conservative party politics, explains why inflation represents such a threat to our industry and why it took 45-minutes to just get a pint in a pub.

Admiral sails through May 17 reopening with new venues making their mark on high streets

Admiral Wakefield AGC reopening exterior
Admiral reopened its stores on May 17 with all the anticipation of a full recovery after months and months of lockdown. For three venues, however, in Birmingham, West Ealing and Wakefield, the celebrations were focused on new openings with the AGC giant unveiling the latest additions to its high street portfolio.

MERKUR GROUP consolidates UK rebranding programme

Merkur Slots frontage
Bringing all of its consumer-facing businesses under the umbrella of the MERKUR brand represents a clear sign of intent. The new website, MERKURGROUPUK.CO.UK, details the full scope of its commitment to these shores and the philosophy that underpins it.

“Every day is like a Saturday” as Blackpool bounces back

Blackpool bounces back
The North West’s premier coastal resort has been in demand since lockdown ended, with cafes, restaurants, pubs and outdoor rides doing their best to supply visitors with Britain’s seaside experience while indoor amusements remain closed until at least the 17 May. Blackpool is booming.

Northern Ireland arcades earmark return to action on 24 May

Northern Ireland AGCs Bingo reopening date
Northern Ireland’s arcades and bingo halls have been given a provisional reopening date of 24 May by the country’s Executive, one week later than counterparts in England, Wales and Scotland.

Bacta lays out plans for post-Covid campaign issues

Bacta outlines post covid plans
Trade association Bacta has outlined the key themes in its post- Covid lobbying campaign with tax concessions and long term support topping the agenda over the coming year

More questions than answers as Scotland sets the date

Nicola Sturgeon Scotland AGCs lockdown reopening
Scotland will release AGCs from lockdown on May 17, in line with their English counterparts. But questions still remain, and not just north of the border; down south siting Cat D machines on forecourts has become a subject of keen interest.

High price for government roadmap: Delayed AGC opening will cost the sector £40 million in lost income

AGCs not reopening with retail
Estimates calculate the decision to keep AGCs closed for an extra five weeks until May 17 will cost the industry over £1.2 million in turnover each day. For a sector already on its knees after almost a year of closure, the notion that AGCs are not as Covid reliable as betting shops is proving to be an expensive piece of regulatory idiocy.

Gambling review: What does the future bring?

Gambling Review reopening webinar
So what awaits the industry when the government finally concludes its gambling review? Bacta’s recent webinar discussed the prospects of a new landscape for the industry and the likely changes we’re about to see. Steph Norbury reports back.

There’s no bringing the clocks forward for AGCs

AGCs not reopening with retail
The government has refused to allow AGCs in England to reopen on April 12 despite no evidence supporting the decision. That will mean another five weeks and three bank holidays closed whilst the rest of the high street gets back up and running.