Friday, January 28, 2022

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Brexit: ‘I do not see any positives here. If there are, I want someone to explain what good will come out of it’

Paolo Sidoli SB Machines Brexit
Paolo Sidoli: How will you look back on 2020? With astonishment. Astonished at how a virus brought the world to its knees. Astonished at how badly this..

Electrocoin after-sales: More than a spares supplier

Electrocoin After Sales Kevin Weir
With the continued success of its legacy machines, Electrocoin’s after sales support has been developed to offer much more than the supply of spares.

The one stop service shop

E-Service After Sales
Be it requiring spares, assistance in preparing for the new £20 note, or advance replacement stock, E-Service is the one stop shop for the operator looking to get site-ready for the busy christmas period

JCM:The three pillars of service

Christian Huisgen JCM
Specialist support and on-site training can help operators make the most of new and existing devices - maximising estate earnings and minimising downtime, comments Christian Huisgen, JCM customer care center manager EMEA.

Suzohapp: Sharing the wealth of knowledge

suzohapp after-sales john vallis cash systems
Maintaining machine uptime - and by extension profitability - is not only a year-round undertaking but one of crucial importance for operators. Suzohapp’s range of after-sales and service solutions draw on years of first class industry experience to offer one of the most comprehensive post-purchases packages available. Crucial to this is an understanding of the wants and needs of operators commented...

Facilitating change through exceptional service

Coinslot - Suzohapp Facilitating change through exceptional service
In an ever changing market landscape after-sales service is more important than ever, something John Vallis, Suzohapp UK sales director and VP amusement sales EMEA, knows better than anyone.   What after sales products and/or services are you seeing the most demand for? “We have seen a huge surge in demand for our RM5 Coin Acceptors, Scan Coin Note / Coin counters...

There’s service and then there’s E-Service

Coinslot Mike Clokie service
E-Service provides the industry with much more than simply a comprehensive spares and support package delivered from two key locations within the UK. Managing director, Mike Clokie, explains how, courtesy of significant investment in staff, support techniques and system infrastructure, the company has become the first choice for after sales support for many AGC’s, FEC’s, casinos and single site...