Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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WHO takes more guilt off irresponsible parents with gaming addiction classification

Child playing video game
In a further blurring of the lines in the difference between compulsive behaviour and addiction, the World Health Organisation has classified gaming disorder as a mental health condition which is capable of addiction. The decision, which comes after pressure from parents, has been criticised for its lack of supporting evidence by expert psychologists, who believe playing video games is more...

Responsible Gambling Week: Sparking informed conversations

Coinslot sits down with John Hagan, chairman of the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling, to discuss the group’s campaign to raise awareness of responsible gambling ahead the subject’s dedicated week from 12-18 October.   Coinslot: What inspired the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling (IGRG) to launch Responsible Gambling Week? John Hagan: The industry works tirelessly to promote responsible gambling - it...

Addiction study could highlight areas of improvement

Coinslot addiction study
A report commissioned by GambleAware states that the cost of mental health and counselling services related to gambling addiction cost between £30m and £110m per year. The report, which was published by independent think-tank, IPPR, on 13 December, examines the cost of programmes such as counselling and addiction treatment for up to 620,000 problem gamblers, and the impact of FOBTs. Over...