Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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Tir Prince expansion continues apace with ‘multi-million pound’ proposals for regeneration of Rhos Point seafront

Tir Prince seaside development
Tir Prince has confirmed its pandemic-delayed proposals for Rhos Point are close to being submitted, as the Welsh attractions operator moves ahead with expansion plans.

Tir Prince unveils new Market Central Cafe

Tir Prince unveils new Market Central Cafe
Tir Prince has given its Market Central Cafe a “new lease of life,” after repurposing furniture from former US-style diner Harvey’s in nearby Rhuddlan, which closed down in October.

Williams proposes £20m attraction for Llandudno Pier Pavilion

Llandudno Pier pavilion regeneration
Llandudno Pier owner Adam Williams has announced plans for a £20m indoor entertainment centre on the site of the former Pier Pavilion, saved from controversial redevelopment earlier this month - by his own acquisition.

Adam Williams purchases site of controversial £20m property development

Llandudno Pier Adam Williams purchase development site
Not even Zoltar, the fortune telling machine on Llandudno Pier could have foretold this outcome. But after years of uncertainty for the attraction posed by a 10-storey apartment block development on its doorstep, the pier’s owners have bought the development site themselves. £ 2.8 million paid and a future secured for both the pier and Llandudno’s standing as the seaside resort of North Wales. Now, says Adam Williams, “the hard work starts”.

“A bizarre turn of events”: Controversial Llandudno development plot up for sale offering hope for pier?

Controversial Llandudno development hope for Pier
Is there a reprieve in the making for Llandudno Pier as it battles to overturn an apartment development opposite its front entrance? If so, it’s coming from unexpected places; the current owner of the proposed 54 apartment block. Is that the sound of a towel being thrown in or an early cash out on the development?

Llandudno seafront development threatens Pier maintenance and investment plans

Llandudno seafront development threatens Pier maintenance and investment plans
Llandudno Pier owner Adam Williams has warned of delays to essential maintenance due to government procrastination on a controversial £20m seafront development, stating the divisive apartment complex has thrown “a big spanner in the works.” The Tir Prince chief is determined to see the pier thrive and a block of flats on your doorstep is not a route to growth.

Future of Llandudno Pier threatened by £20m development

Llandudno Pier at risk due to seafront apartment complex
The future of Llandudno Pier could be “at risk” if a new £20m seafront apartment complex is built, according to owner Adam Williams, who warns “there is no reversing a residential development after it’s been built.”

Williams backs staff protection law

Adam Williams Llandudno Pier staff protection law hospitality leisure
Llandudno Pier owner Adam Williams has joined Usdaw in calling for new laws to protect hospitality staff from abuse, as Welsh ministers urge the UK government to update legislation.

Williams looks back on 170 years following wheel success

Llandudno Pier Adam Williams
Following the successful installation of Llandudno Pier’s new £1m big wheel, owner Adam Williams has stated how the addition brings his family’s 170-year tradition full circle.

Llandudno Pier Wheel installed in two days

Llandudno Pier observation wheel installation
Llandudno Pier has completed the installation of its new 21 metre-high observation wheel, with engineering crews from Italy erecting the seafront landmark in just two days.

Lamborghini wheel set for Llandudno Pier

Adam Williams Unveils Ferris Wheel Llandudno Pier
A ferris wheel is set for Llandudno Pier as part of plans to reinvent the landmark as a night-time attraction that can be promoted across the UK.

Hospitality bodies join Llandudno Pier’s call for compassion

Llandudno Pier staff hospitality
UKHospitality Cymru and North Wales Tourism have called for “patience and tolerance” from hospitality customers, after Llandudno Pier spoke out about increasing abuses on staff.

Llandudno development plans under investigation

Llandudno development plans under investigation
The £20m development proposed for the foot of Llandudno Pier has been postponed, as the Welsh government responds to requests to call-in plans for the ten-storey building.

PM visits Llandudno Pier for popular Senedd photo op

Boris Johnson Llandudno visit
Boris Johnson enjoyed an ice cream on a visit to Llandudno Pier this week, part of a campaign to support the Conservative party’s candidate in the upcoming Senedd election.

Another week, another Welsh leisure business out in the cold

Tir Prince Llandudno Pier
Tir Prince owner Adam Williams has said that a last minute decision by Conwy County Council to extend the closure of his business (whilst his competitors reopened) was “absolutely bonkers”

Llandudno Pier faces “mass redundancies” due to travel limit

Llandudno Pier faces redundancies
Tir Prince Leisure Group owner Adam Williams has warned that the Welsh Government’s five mile travel restriction could pose a threat to both the staff and the future of Llandudno Pier.

Llandudno Pier: Leisure industry faces “fight for survival”

Llandudno Pier
As the Welsh attraction prepares for a compulsory closure order, Llandudno Pier manager Adam Williams fears that promised government support “won’t touch..

The north-south divide of Welsh tourism

Llandudno Pier
While recent figures suggest a stand-still in attracting foreign tourism to Cardiff and the rest of Wales, Adam Williams, owner of Tir Prince and operator of Llandudno Pier, explains that as far as tourism statistics go, the northern region Wales “may as well be a different country”. With foreign tourism spend down 17 percent in Wales, but up eight percent...

Llandudno Pier points the way for preserving amusement industry

Llandudno Pier
Llandudno Pier, the longest in Wales, has always acted as an example of a great British seaside destination. Ahead of the summer season in the Victorian resort, Coinslot spoke to pier owner Adam Williams about contending with government regulations and building the future of the area. Llandudno Pier has served as a North Wales landmark and a centre for amusement...

“A sad day for Llandudno”: Plans to review pier pavilion set aside

Llandudno Bay
The Welsh Government will not call-in controversial plans for Llandudno’s new pier pavilion,with the lack of intervention described as “a sad day for Llandudno” by pier owner Adam Williams. The director of North Wales leisure group Tir Prince was “astonished” at the decision as there’s “nobody for this proposal whatsoever”, suggesting Tir Prince “will be looking at how much to...

Punters drawn to retro-redemption old favourites

Coinslot - Redemption retro
As the season progresses operators are seeing families trending towards retro-style redemption machines, with new-takes on old favourites offering an experience that in-home consoles and mobile games still cannot match.   Noticing the punters gravitate, a number of operators are planning to invest more in ‘traditional-style pieces’ - games you’d expect to see at a 1950s seaside carnival, but with a...

Game of Piers gears up following Pier of the Year

Coinslot - Game of Piers
With Hastings winning Pier of the Year for 2017 at the start of this month, next year’s competition has already begun for some inspired pier owners.   Next year’s Pier of the Year award is already on the target list for some pier owners, each looking to succeed newly annointed Hastings. While the amusement- less pier won the 2017 edition from...

Pier bosses count the cost of new £1 coin

Coinslot - Pier bosses £1 coin
While many marvelled at the novelty of a new £1 coin last week, pier bosses have been reminding the public of the burden it has placed on the seaside sector.   Bosses at piers around the British coastline have been telling regional media of the huge costs they have incurred to prepare their amusement operations for the new £1 coin. Adam Williams,...

New coin costs spiral for larger operators

Coinslot TIR PRINCE New Coins Costs
As the wave of new currency continues, two of the UK’s bigger operators shed light on the true costs of reprogramming for the £1 coin. Some of the UK’s largest operators are counting the costs of the new £1 coin, with figures spiralling into the tens of thousands. With the new 12-sided coin set to be introduced 28 March, operators are...

Tir Prince aiming high with expansion planned in 2017

Coinslot Adrian Williams Tir Prince
Operating in favourable market conditions, North Wales amusement park, Tir Prince, saw a great deal of success in 2016. Director Adam Williams is optimistic that these successes can now fuel progression and innovation in the park going forward. Tir Prince amusement park saw a fruitful year on the North Wales Coast and operators of the site see no reason why...

Llandudno Pier takes leading role in north Wales winter tourism drive

threats Coinslot Llandudno Pier
Llandudno Pier is playing a leading role in efforts to boost full-time job opportunities and develop a winter tourist season in Conwy County. The county incorporates a number of traditional seaside resorts on the north Wales coast, including Abergele, Colwyn Bay, Llandudno and Towyn. According to Conwy County Borough Council, around 41 percent of jobs in the area are part-time due...

Deloitte report confirms leisure sectors alive and well post-Brexit

Coinslot Deloitte
Business analytics group Deloitte gives a shining endorsement of the UK’s leisure sector post-Brexit, an assessment borne out in the cashboxes of British amusement firms. Spending in the UK leisure sector increased in the third quarter of 2016, according to an industry-wide report from Deloitte, brushing off fears that Brexit would dampen consumer confidence. During the three months to September, leisure...

Llandudno Pier owner “flabbergasted” at 
Pavilion plans

With the first images of the planned Llandudno Pier Pavilion made public, Pier owner Adam Williams has expressed his concerns about the site’s modern look. Llandudno Pier owner Adam Williams has said he is “flabbergasted” following the release of the first images of the planned Llandudno Pier Pavilion development. His comments come in a warning that if the modern approach...