Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Tag: ACOS 21

Electrocoin uses all its skill to bring Skill Shooters to the UK

Electrocoin Skill Shooter redemption ACOS 21 Stergides
There’s a real buzz around Electrocoin at the moment as the company makes its mark in the redemption sector with its current market leader Skill Shooter. John Stergides sr talks to Coinslot about the company’s latest delivery of machines and why the industry veteran is on the pioneering trail once again.

EAG 2022 experiences a surge in exhibitor bookings

EAG 2022 experiences surge in exhibitor bookings
Following the unbridled success of ACOS 2021, all eyes are now on January’s EAG expo, with organisers urging hopeful exhibitors to be prompt in booking as “floor space is filling quickly.”