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B2s bring in more than £1.8bn for bookies as ABB threaten shop closures

  As FOBTs reach record highs of gross gambling yield and amusements venues continue to close at a faster rate than betting shops, Malcolm George of the Association of British Bookmakers (ABB) makes a economic plea for sympathy.   For the bookmakers, the gross gambling yield of FOBTs increased 3.2 percent to just over £1.8bn between April 2016 and March 2017, according...

ABB’s Malcolm George on FOBT defensive

2542-politics- George
Talking to Paddy O’Connell on BBC Radio Four, Malcolm George, CEO of the ABB, said that a “pan industry solution” is required if Britain wants to solve problem gambling.   Despite recent data from the Gambling Commission showing that activities in bookmakers include the highest percentages of problem gamblers, George argued that the venues are one of the safer gambling establishments...

Statistics show “hardcore” state of FOBT’s high stakes

Coinslot - FOBT stakes statistics review cost commission
Industry statistics published by the Gambling Commission have shown that FOBTs brought in £1.8bn for bookmakers. But, Bacta analysis has uncovered the effect of B2’s £100 maximum stake. The FOBT debate will not go away.   Analysis of industry statistics by Bacta has revealed that FOBTs are responsible for 96 percent of all machine gross gambling yield (GGY) made in excess...

ABB way off the mark regarding FOBT focus

Coinslot FOBTs Triennial Review criticism ABB
Sam Spencer argues that while the ABB may feel they have scored a PR victory against the APPG, getting so excited over something so trivial undoubtedly exposes the shallow depths of their arguments.   "The lady doth protest too much", goes the old Shakespearean saying, however in this case, it appears the ABB doth celebrate too much. Like an off-form striker that...

Bookmakers capitalise on trivial APPG errors

Coinslot - APPG errors Bacta
Bacta has argued that the ABB is twisting technical reporting errors out of proportion, in an attempt to distract the public and discredit MPs’ recommendation for cutting FOBT stakes to £2.   British bookmakers have attempted to exploit “tiny technical errors” made by a group of MPs, Bacta has said, in a “desperate” attempt to discredit their conclusions on FOBTs. The All-Party...

Whittingdale warns ABB over possible FOBT stake cuts

responsible gambling
Former head of the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS), John Whittingdale, has warned the betting industry to expect bad news on B2s.   The former front bencher, who was often thought to be in favour of the divisive machines, and appeared to take very little action to limit their existence, issued the warning as he spoke directly to the...

Right to Reply: bacta’s John White on Government review

Coinslot - John White right to reply bacta review industry
In a response to last week’s article from Malcom George, bacta’s John White responds with reference to the Government’s impending review.   The entire industry is awaiting with great interest the outcome of the Government’s review into gaming machine stakes and prizes. Rightly, much of the focus has been on B2 machines, which have become increasingly controversial as their imprint on the...

Approaches to problem gambling must be based on the evidence alone

Betting Business - Malcom George evidence
As the industry braces itself for the latest developments in the Government’s review of stakes and prizes, Malcom George, chief executive of the Association of British Bookmakers, argues that the recommendations should be based on evidence rather than prejudice. Culture Secretary Karen Bradley is now considering the evidence submitted by the betting industry, academics, charities and campaign groups to the...

Cloak and dagger report surrounding FOBTs

Coinslot - Opinion Report FOBTs
Joseph Ewens explores whether the allure of a secret report into FOBT crackdowns work wonders for the bookmakers?   The news this week that the bookmaking industry (or some portion of it) has funded a KPMG report into the effects of dropping FOBT stakes to £2 was never likely to be met with anything more than cynicism from the coin-op crowd,...

ABB’s continuing onslaught gaining traction

Coinslot - Onslaught ABB Opinion
The ABB’s onslaught of inflammatory statements continued this week and, as Joseph Ewens explains, it’s concerning that this strategy is starting to gain traction in the press.   This week has seen a continuation of the ABB’s verbal onslaught on the coin-op industry. When it began a few weeks ago, the ferocity of the rhetoric suggested that it was a last...

ABB claims “arcades a risk to problem gamblers”

Coinslot FOBTs
The bookmakers’ trade association, the ABB, has made the surprising claim that there is definitely no link between FOBTs and problem gambling and, incredibly, instead pointed the finger at arcades. In response to this week’s pair of reports from the Gambling Commission, released ahead of its official triennial advice to the DCMS, the Association of British Bookmakers (ABB) has released...

Britain’s bookmakers lodge complaint into FOBT report

Coinslot FOBT report
The Association of British Bookmakers has lodged an official complaint with the Parliamentary Commissioner of Standards over an All-Parliamentary Group report into FOBTs failing to fully disclose who had financed its report. Britain’s bookmakers have lodged an official complaint with the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards over an MPs’ report into FOBTs, which recommends dropping maximum stakes on the machines to...

A logical mixup – Are arcades any riskier than FOBTs

responsible gambling
Does the ABB’s argument that arcades are risky, while FOBTs are safe, hold any water? Joseph Ewens considers the evidence. How can the ABB argue that there is no link between FOBTs and problem gambling and then suggest that arcades pose a greater risk? Let’s break down their argument. The one clear statement the Commission has made which backs up the...

Media Watch: Exploring arcades from all sides

Coinslot Media Watch arcade industry
Mediawatch explores the arcade industry with an in-depth look at the ABB’s statement to the sector. We begin this week with a look at the continued assault on the arcade industry by the ABB, as reported by Gambling Insider. The Association of British Bookmakers has issued a statement in which they urge amusement arcade operators to ‘catch up’ with other...

City fears the financial impact of an FOBT clampdown

Coinslot FOBTs Triennial Review criticism ABB
The potential change to legislation governing FOBTs in betting venues as part of the Triennial Review could see huge losses for companies such as Ladbrokes Coral. A tightening of the regulations governing FOBTs in betting shops, could wipe a quarter off Ladbrokes Coral’s earnings, according to a report in The Daily Telegraph. The revenue from FOBTs accounts for 60% of Ladbrokes UK...

Proof of Age Standards Scheme changes structure following strategic review

Coinslot Proof Age
The Proof of Age Standards Scheme confirms that it is now a Community Interest Company following a structural review. The Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) which accredits UK proof of age card issuers to a standard endorsed by the Home Office, Scottish Government, police and retailers of age-restricted goods & services, has announced that it is to become a Community...

ABB defends B2s as potential review looms

Coinslot abb fobt tracey crouch
A chain of events begun by a triennial review brush-off and propelled by Panorama and inquiry rumours has caused the ABB to issue a bullish defence of B2 machines. A question in parliament over FOBT regulations has prompted another round of speculation and mainstream press coverage about the Triennial Review. Things were kicked off last week by Ronnie Cowan, Scottish National...