Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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“Stronger, safer, cleaner” polymer £10 to enter circulation

10 pound note polymer
More than one billion polymer £10 notes will enter general circulation this month, whilst the old note, featuring Charles Darwin, will expire in spring 2018.   The new tender, which depicts novelist Jane Austen, comes into circulation a year after the launch of the first plastic £5 note. Bank of England governor Mark Carney said: “The new £10 will be printed on...

Bank of England reject calls for new polymer note change

Bank of England reject calls for new polymer note change
Worrying calls for Britain’s five pound note switch-over to be reversed have been allayed, as the Bank of England has announced that any change in polymer material make up would be too costly. Complaining that the new tender contained animal fat, protesters urged the government to backtrack the change to the current, and all future polymer notes at a...

Innovative appoints new group managing director while prepping for new £10 note

Coinslot - support Innovative Group Peter Dunlop £10 note
Change is on the horizon for Innovative Technology, including the appointment of a new group managing director and preparing for the new £10 note.   Innovative Technology Limited has announced the appointment of Peter Dunlop as group managing director. Since 2005, Dunlop has been responsible for product development and product roadmap at the company, and his successful leadership and strategic vision is...