Thursday, January 27, 2022

Tag: £1

New £1 coin hailed as the “most secure coin in the world”

Coinslot - £1 coin royal mint
More 12-sided £1 coins are now in circulation than round ones, and operators are starting to see the benefits of this new and, according to government officials, ‘unforged’ coin. So has it been worth the massive investment?   The exchequer secretary to the treasury has announced that the new £1 coin is yet to be forged, providing welcome news to arcade...

Coin variations continue to confuse despite Royal Mint claims

Coinslot - Royal Mint pound coin
Three issues ago Coinslot reported claims that versions of the new £1 trial coins and subsequent variations of the circulation coin differed in specification. While more facts have emerged, The Mint remains firm that all new £1 coins are the same.   Operators and manufacturers are still attempting to figure out issues surrounding the new £1 coin, with data from Instance...