Saturday, June 25, 2022

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Mint concedes to production glitch in new £1 coin

Coinslot - Royal Mint glitch
With 1 in 30 of the old £1 coins estimated to be counterfeit, operators hoped that the new £1 would bring more security to the industry’s ‘golden coin’. For a moment this looked in doubt, but the Royal Mint quickly reassured the potential counterfeit was merely a misprint.   The reportedly forged example of a new £1 coin is in fact...

Government criticised over new £1 coin ‘nightmare’

Coinslot - Coin Happidrome Arcade
An arcade operator has hit out at the government for the huge cost of adapting his equipment to the new £1 coin, going as far as to call for some form of compensation.   A Southend family entertainment centre operator has described the introduction of the new £1 coin as a “nightmare”. Martin Richardson, owner of Happidrome Arcade on the resort’s seafront,...

Operators prepare to take a hit as new £1 coin introduced

Coinslot £1 coin Amusement Ray Lane Tower Amusements Skegness
Amusement arcade owners are getting set to take a hit as they prepare their machines for the arrival of the new £1 coin. Last week, The Treasury announced that the new coin will enter circulation on 28 March and its predecessor will be withdrawn by mid-October. At Skegness’s Tower Amusements, manager Ray Lane said it had cost the business around £30...