Coinslot - Cyber crime hacking

Coin op industry remains at risk of hacking

May 28, 2017Comments off

Small firms need to take immediate action on cybercrime, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has warned following a recent global hacking scare.   The

Coinslot - Corbyn

Is Corbyn’s Labour worthy of a second...

May 20, 2017Comments off

Many across the country have – as early as two years ago – denounced Jeremy Corbyn as unelectable, but will his manifesto open the opportunity

Coinslot - bacta charity #tickets2wishes Rays of Sunshine

Bacta launch #Tickets2wishes for Rays of Su...

May 18, 2017Comments off

The bacta Charitable Trust has set itself an ambitious target of increasing its contribution to the Rays of Sunshine charity to over £500,000 by the

Coinslot - Jason Frost bacta

Frost states bacta well-equipped to make a ...

May 11, 2017Comments off

Jason Frost reflects on how Bacta members can make a political difference as his presidency comes to a close.   Jason Frost believes that Bacta

Coinslot - industry AWP's last chance saloon

Industry experts discuss AWP’s last chanc...

May 11, 2017Comments off

Industry expert Colm Taylor argues that the pub sector has lost £600m in AWP income since 2007 and confirms a positive triennial is the only

Coinslot - ITP imports mottershead ECAS

Mottershead to showcase ITP prizes at ECAS

May 09, 2017Comments off

Ian Mottershead is a well-known face at UDC’s Skegness event. Specialising in redemption, Mottershead will be showcasing prizes at both the Newcastle and the traditional

Coinslot - Dave Marsden Apollo Bingo

Apollo Bingo optimistic after a decade of c...

May 05, 2017Comments off

With this July marking 10 years since the country went smoke-free, Dave Marsden of Apollo Bingo in Barrow speaks about how the ban changed bingo,

Coinslot - PWC research bacta 2017

Influential PwC research shows the full ext...

Apr 13, 2017Comments off

The UK amusements and low stake gaming industry contributes close to £2bn to UK GDP, supports the employment of 34,000 people and pays some £270m

Coinslot - Cointron Gravesend

Cointron AGC: ‘The mainstay of the busine...

Apr 09, 2017Comments off

With thirteen B3 machines in his large Cointron AGC in Gravesend, Barry Smith highlights the importance of the segment for a sector that has suffered

Coinslot - Astra Games B3 Sector

Astra predicts a bright future for the B3 s...

Apr 09, 2017Comments off

Astra Games’ Alan Rogers predicts further growth for the B3 sector as his company caters to an increasing demand for ‘a more luxurious gaming experience’.

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