Coinslot - PWC research bacta 2017

Influential PwC research shows the full ext...

Apr 13, 2017Comments off

The UK amusements and low stake gaming industry contributes close to £2bn to UK GDP, supports the employment of 34,000 people and pays some £270m

Coinslot - Cointron Gravesend

Cointron AGC: ‘The mainstay of the busine...

Apr 09, 2017Comments off

With thirteen B3 machines in his large Cointron AGC in Gravesend, Barry Smith highlights the importance of the segment for a sector that has suffered

Coinslot - Astra Games B3 Sector

Astra predicts a bright future for the B3 s...

Apr 09, 2017Comments off

Astra Games’ Alan Rogers predicts further growth for the B3 sector as his company caters to an increasing demand for ‘a more luxurious gaming experience’.

Coinslot - RLMS Sales B4 sector

RLMS ride a buoyant year for B4 sector in 2...

Apr 09, 2017Comments off

Tony Glanville, managing director of RLMS Sales, discusses the performance of the B4 sector over the last year, and gives his verdict on the segment’s

Coinslot - Ian Eason Crane mechs

New pound rejected by mechs, claims Ian Eas...

Mar 30, 2017Comments off

Crane manufacturer and industry veteran, Ian Eason, has sounded a warning that a worrying percentage of the new pound coins are being rejected by updated

Coinslot - Philip Miller Adventure Island Spring Budget

Adventure Island owner slams Budget ‘poli...

Mar 16, 2017Comments off

Philip Miller, owner of Adventure Island amusement park, has spoken out to the Southend Echo about taking politics out of the Spring Budget.   The

Coinslot - John Stergides Electrocoin Redemption market UK

Stergides keeps focus on redemption market

Mar 14, 2017Comments off

Electrocoin’s John Stergides gives his insight into what makes redemption tick, including some choice advice for operators on the best machines and prizes.   What

Coinslot - John Vallis top redemption SuzoHapp

Staying at the top of the redemption market

Mar 13, 2017Comments off

Maintaining top quality standards for decades isn’t easy, but SuzoHapp has made a habit of it and the company’s activity in the redemption sphere is

Coinslot - UDC Matt Bland Redemption market

UDC explores the full spectrum of redemptio...

Mar 13, 2017Comments off

Matt Bland of the UDC (United Distributing Company) presents a detailed look into the redemption business.   Which redemption games have been the most successful

Coinslot - JNC Customers Reece Shearsmith

Exploring the customer’s simple truth in ...

Mar 13, 2017Comments off

JNC knows the redemption market like few others, which means that the company’s Reece Newman is well positioned to deliver some valuable insights into what

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