Coinslot - Coastal Pass online booking tool east coast england visit england

New booking tool opens up England’s east ...

Mar 25, 2017Comments off

The east coast of England has been made more accessible through the launch of the new Coastal Pass online booking tool.   A new online

Coinslot - Skegness Mablethorpe car parking

Review proposes cheaper visitor parking for...

Mar 25, 2017Comments off

Increasingly expensive seafront parking charges are the bane of visitors’ – and amusements operators’ – lives. But on the Lincolnshire coast, one council has taken

Coinslot - Barnsley SuperBowl Cineworld

Next steps in Barnsley regeneration unveile...

Mar 25, 2017Comments off

The details of Barnsley town centre’s regeneration have been released with leisure operators Cineworld and Superbowl joining the project.   The next steps in the

Coinslot - Holyrood Business Rates

Business rates staying down, as Holyrood li...

Mar 25, 2017Comments off

As industry gears up for Scottish Tourism Week, Holyrood has made further concessions to its business rate reliefs in the wake of widespread concern, extending

Coinslot - Colwyn Bay Pier transform plans

Plans to transform Colwyn Bay Pier unveiled

Mar 25, 2017Comments off

Following its deterioration last year, the plans to transform the iconic Colwyn Bay Pier have now been released by members of the pier’s Trust.  

Coinslot - Steve Clarke Reflex Gaming

Reflex’s Steve Clarke explains why “som...

Mar 24, 2017Comments off

Reflex’s Steve Clarke opens up on the road as he travels along the south-coast installing the company’s popular new multiplayer.   With lots of orders

Coinslot - ladbrokes Jim mullen FOBTs doomsday

Ladbrokes chief warns of “doomsday” for...

Mar 24, 2017Comments off

Ladbrokes chief Jim Mullen highlights potential job losses and bleak future for betting shops ahead of the proposed B2 max stake drop.   Ladbrokes chief

Coinslot - Gambling Commission parasitic video games

Gambling Commission warn of parasitic pract...

Mar 24, 2017Comments off

The Gambling Commission has issued a report concerning the growing problem of virtual gambling in video games.   In a new report, the UK Gambling

Coinslot - Tourism sector daylight saving BALPPA

Tourism Sector Backs Campaign for Lighter E...

Mar 23, 2017Comments off

“Let’s use our daylight hours more wisely” states BALPPA. Britain’s leading tourism sector amusement and leisure parks are calling on the Government to shift UK

Coinslot - John White right to reply bacta review

Right to Reply: bacta’s John White on Gov...

Mar 23, 2017Comments off

In a response to last week’s article from Malcom George, bacta’s John White responds with reference to the Government’s impending review.   The entire industry

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