Coinslot - World of Rides

All rides powered by play say World of Ride...

Aug 16, 2017Comments off

Three to twelve-year-old children continue to remain one of the biggest single influences in choosing a family holiday or dayout destination, and battery rides remain

Coinslot SB Machines Paolo Sidoli kiddie rides

Kiddie Rides: Reinvention of a classic mark...

Aug 11, 2017Comments off

Paolo Sidoli, principal of SB Machines, weighs in on the enduring popularity of kiddie rides, and how a concentration on technological advancements continues to make

Coinslot - Bar-X RLMS Sales

Bar-X 7even: Retro with cutting edge techno...

Aug 10, 2017Comments off

The marrying of old and new in Electrocoin’s Bar-X 7Even could be the answer to operator issues according to RLMS Sales.   RLMS Sales has

COinslot - Blueprint Gaming Digital

Blueprint’s King of Games takes UK di...

Aug 09, 2017Comments off

The King of Games digital Category C Compendium from Blueprint has been crowned market leader, with 75% of the UK pub sector market share.  

Coinslot - SG Gaming success

The science behind SG Gaming’s success

Aug 06, 2017Comments off

Coinslot recently paid a visit to SG Gaming’s game development headquarters in Chadderton to get a firsthand look at how some of the most popular

Coinslot - Shrewlock Holmes Betcom Cat C

Betcom’s Shrewlock Holmes cracks the ...

Jul 31, 2017Comments off

The Cat C title from Betcom, Shrewlock Holmes, has proven as popular as the legendary sleuth himself with full retailer approvals across the board.  

Coinslot - Casino King G-Squared

Casino King optimising performance through ...

Jul 28, 2017Comments off

Since its 2017 debut, Casino King from G-Squared Games has established itself as a frontrunner in the digital AWP market.   With a frequently updated

Coinslot - DNA VR London arcade first

First virtual reality arcade opens in Londo...

Jul 28, 2017Comments off

A swathe of virtual reality technologies now exist and in line with the buzz surrounding the emergent technology, London now boasts its first permanent virtual

Coinslot - Cards cash

Cards overtakes cash, but the king is not d...

Jul 20, 2017Comments off

The ATM turns 50, Visa declare war on cash, and the British Retail Consortium reveal that more than half of all payments in the UK

Luigi's Mansion arcade

Luigi’s Mansion arcade “well worth the ...

Jul 19, 2017Comments off

The Nintendo licenced Luigi’s Mansion Arcade has received impressive feedback from operators for its strong family appeal and earnings at a number of FECs across

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