Coinslot Blueprint

Blueprint take King of Games right into the...

Apr 21, 2017Comments off

Blueprint Machines has confirmed that ‘a significant order’ has been placed for King of Games digital Category C machines by leading independent operator Essex Leisure.

Coinslot - G-squared 5000

G-Squared Games reaches the 5,000 machine l...

Apr 21, 2017Comments off

G-Squared Games has reached an important milestone in its history this week with the production of its 5000th machine.   The manufacturer released its first

Coinslot - Girl Power Bandai Namco plush

Bandai Namco unleashes potential of girl po...

Apr 18, 2017Comments off

BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Europe Ltd. has reported phenomenal interest in its range of Super Girl DC Comics plush characters.   A new range of DC

Coinslot - BetCom Gauslemann Group Popeye

Betcom confirm new Gauselmann Group focus f...

Apr 14, 2017Comments off

Games design house Betcom have confirmed that the company will now focus its resources on Gauselmann Group brands as they prepare their portfolio of new

Coinslot - SB Machines Double Pony

Double Pony delivers strong start for SB Ma...

Apr 13, 2017Comments off

SB Machines experienced a positive start to 2017, reporting record breaking sales for the company’s Double Pony Express kiddie ride.   The company credits the

Coinslot - LAI Games Family Entertainment Expo

LAI Games shoots and scores at inaugural Fa...

Apr 10, 2017Comments off

The first ever Family Entertainment Expo took place in Italy last month with LAI Games’ latest games proving a success at the new amusements show.

Coinslot bell fruit john mcloughlin BFG B4

BFG maintains its commitment to B4 sector

Apr 09, 2017Comments off

The B4 sector has been under pressure from its higher-jackpot brother in recent years, but BFG’s John McLoughlin believes there is still plenty of life

Coinslot - Astra Games B3 Sector

Astra predicts a bright future for the B3 s...

Apr 09, 2017Comments off

Astra Games’ Alan Rogers predicts further growth for the B3 sector as his company caters to an increasing demand for ‘a more luxurious gaming experience’.

Coinslot - RLMS Sales B4 sector

RLMS ride a buoyant year for B4 sector in 2...

Apr 09, 2017Comments off

Tony Glanville, managing director of RLMS Sales, discusses the performance of the B4 sector over the last year, and gives his verdict on the segment’s

Coinslot - NSM Music business as usual

It’s ‘business as usual’ still at NSM...

Apr 08, 2017Comments off

Back in February, AMI Entertainment Network acquired NSM Music, starting a new era for the jukebox manufacturer whilst maintaining its successful business model.   Jukebox

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