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Coinslot - G-Squared Games Casino King £1m

Casino King passes £1m milestone within we...

Mar 16, 2017Comments off

Following its launch at EAG, G-Squared Games’ Casino King title has already proved popular with over £1m plays in just a few weeks.   G-Squared

Coinslot - Harry Levy Matthew Deith EAG

Harry Levy: Driving forward with diverse de...

Mar 13, 2017Comments off

Following a successful EAG for Harry Levy, managing director Matthew Deith gives his view on the flourishing redemption market.   Harry Levy has been expanding

Coinslot - Project B3 mega Bars

Flexibility at the heart of latest Project ...

Mar 06, 2017No Comments

Project has confirmed its latest B3 model, Mega Bars Big Cash, will be made available with a back library of 24 titles.   Project’s Mega

Coinslot - Tin Can Alley 24 Seven Gaming

24 Seven’s Outlaw – Tin Can Alley in Fu...

Mar 02, 2017No Comments

Leading independent UK game designer 24 Seven Gaming has confirmed that its first B4 product, Outlaw – Tin Can Alley, is in full production.  

Coinslot - Cabinet Astra Games ICE

Orders roll in for Astra’s VIP Lounge cab...

Mar 02, 2017No Comments

New VIP Lounge cabinet from Astra Games receives unprecedented response from industry at ICE.   Astra Games has reported an overwhelming response to its VIP

Coinslot Management Solutions Eurocoin

Gaming management made easier with Eurocoin

Feb 27, 2017No Comments

Eurocoin are out to make operators’ lives easier to manage, as it prepares to display its range of management solutions to the Irish market.  

Coinslot JNC Rescue Firefighter

JNC bring Rescue Firefighter to Ireland for...

Feb 27, 2017No Comments

JNC Sales travel to Ireland with entertainment very much in mind. Leading the way this year is the new Rescue Firefighter arcade game which JNC

Coinslot Factory RLMS BFG

RLMS and BFG in Deal or No Deal factory reb...

Feb 24, 2017No Comments

Novomatic allies RLMS and Bell- Fruit have come together to create a new Deal or No Deal factory rebuild game, designed to give operators access

Coinslot Mat Ingram Reflex Gaming

Reflex’s Moonstruck ‘selling like hotca...

Feb 21, 2017No Comments

Following a successful EAG last month, Reflex Gaming attended ICE with its impactful three-player Lady Luck Moonstruck and some new brand new AWPs. Reflex Gaming

Coinslot ICE Electrocoin

ICE is a great launchpad for new Electrocoi...

Feb 20, 2017No Comments

Electrocoin represents the UK at ICE with launch of its latest slot machine. Electrocoin’s team, including Andy Murden and Kevin Weir, went to ICE Totally Gaming

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