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Coinslot - Blueprint Simon Barff community games b3

Barff: “B3 is a perfect part of the b...

Apr 10, 2017Comments off

With B3 machines still selling strong in both the bingo and AGC sectors, Blueprint Gaming has been closely monitoring player preferences to introduce new ideas

Coinslot bell fruit john mcloughlin BFG B4

BFG maintains its commitment to B4 sector

Apr 09, 2017Comments off

The B4 sector has been under pressure from its higher-jackpot brother in recent years, but BFG’s John McLoughlin believes there is still plenty of life

Coinslot Kevin Birch Players Amusements

Kevin Birch: “It’s not all about th...

Apr 08, 2017Comments off

Kevin Birch, owner of Players Amusements, has been impressed by B3 development over the last few years, highlighting an added entertainment value that’s keeping ‘bums

Coinslot - Palace Amusements Godden Gaming B3

Expanding customer base with creative B3 ca...

Apr 08, 2017Comments off

As manufacturers introduce a host of innovative games and B3 cabinets to the market, Jeremy Godden, managing director of Godden Gaming, is on the lookout

Coinslot - Mark Drakeford Welsh relief Business Rates

Drakeford sets out further plans for Welsh ...

Mar 09, 2017No Comments

As the debate around English business rates continues to rage, Mark Drakeford, cabinet secretary for finance and local government in the Welsh Assembly, lays out

Coinslot Distributor SB Machines Paolo Sidoli

Distribution is the key link in the chain, ...

Feb 25, 2017No Comments

What is the place of the distributor in an increasingly connected and technology powered marketplace? SB Machines’ Paolo Sidoli contends that the distribution link in

Coinslot EAG Expo

EAG suggests 2017 will be a year to remembe...

Feb 14, 2017No Comments

There were few people willing to make bold ambitious claims for 2017 at this year’s EAG, but almost everyone appeared to be forging ahead with

Coinslot Tim Martin Wetherspoons

Martin rubbishes Brexit slump on strong ‘...

Feb 14, 2017No Comments

With positive financial figures from his nation-spanning pubco at his back, Tim Martin has once again issued a salvo against Brexit critics. Off the back

Coinslot, GBG Peter Hannibal ICE Totally Gaming Gambling Business Group

ICE has become the Davos of gaming – stat...

Feb 06, 2017No Comments

ICE, which will welcome gaming influencers from an estimated 150 nations next week, has been compared to Davos, the World Economic Forum of global policy

Coinslot ICE Totally Gaming Dan Stone

All the world’s a stage says ICE Totally ...

Feb 02, 2017No Comments

ICE Totally Gaming’s Dan Stone discusses his picks for unique experiences at this year’s exhibition. As the international industry prepares to meet in London, Dan

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