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Coinslot - VAT tourism BHA

BHA calls for tourism VAT reduction ahead o...

May 22, 2017Comments off

Ahead of the 2017 general election, the British Hospitality Association calls on all political parties to commit to make hospitality and tourism a strategic priority,

Coinslot - Scientific Games increase B3 B4

SG Gaming’s Rick Mountney on B3, B4 and b...

May 12, 2017Comments off

Rick Mountney, UK director of content development at SG Gaming, discusses the firm’s range of B3 and B4 products and how they can maximise play

Coinslot - parliamentary ABB Kathryn Hudson

The less serious end of the parliamentary s...

May 12, 2017Comments off

In a letter to the ABB, parliamentary commissioner for standards Kathryn Hudson explains where she did and did not find fault with the APPG’s work

Coinslot - Jason Frost bacta

Frost states bacta well-equipped to make a ...

May 11, 2017Comments off

Jason Frost reflects on how Bacta members can make a political difference as his presidency comes to a close.   Jason Frost believes that Bacta

Coinslot - industry AWP's last chance saloon

Industry experts discuss AWP’s last chanc...

May 11, 2017Comments off

Industry expert Colm Taylor argues that the pub sector has lost £600m in AWP income since 2007 and confirms a positive triennial is the only

Coinslot - Butlin's Chris Baron VAT

Tourism VAT cut would boost seaside resorts...

Apr 27, 2017Comments off

Chris Baron, resort director at Butlin’s Skegness, believes that reducing tourism VAT would be the most effective way to help all of the UK’s coastal

Coinslot - Blueprint Simon Barff community games b3

Barff: “B3 is a perfect part of the b...

Apr 10, 2017Comments off

With B3 machines still selling strong in both the bingo and AGC sectors, Blueprint Gaming has been closely monitoring player preferences to introduce new ideas

Coinslot bell fruit john mcloughlin BFG B4

BFG maintains its commitment to B4 sector

Apr 09, 2017Comments off

The B4 sector has been under pressure from its higher-jackpot brother in recent years, but BFG’s John McLoughlin believes there is still plenty of life

Coinslot Kevin Birch Players Amusements

Kevin Birch: “It’s not all about th...

Apr 08, 2017Comments off

Kevin Birch, owner of Players Amusements, has been impressed by B3 development over the last few years, highlighting an added entertainment value that’s keeping ‘bums

Coinslot - Palace Amusements Godden Gaming B3

Expanding customer base with creative B3 ca...

Apr 08, 2017Comments off

As manufacturers introduce a host of innovative games and B3 cabinets to the market, Jeremy Godden, managing director of Godden Gaming, is on the lookout

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