Coinslot - General Election BBPA

BBPA to use General Election to focus on se...

Apr 18, 2017Comments off

The BBPA will highlight key issues for brewing and pubs in coming months following the announcement of a General Election on June 8, 2017.  

Coinslot - Supreme Court School holidays

Supreme Court case stirs school holiday deb...

Apr 12, 2017Comments off

With a recent ruling against unauthorised school holidays setting a new precedent on the issue, BALPPA’s chief executive Paul Kelly sheds light on what these

Coinslot - Blueprint Simon Barff community games b3

Barff: “B3 is a perfect part of the b...

Apr 10, 2017Comments off

With B3 machines still selling strong in both the bingo and AGC sectors, Blueprint Gaming has been closely monitoring player preferences to introduce new ideas

Coinslot bell fruit john mcloughlin BFG B4

BFG maintains its commitment to B4 sector

Apr 09, 2017Comments off

The B4 sector has been under pressure from its higher-jackpot brother in recent years, but BFG’s John McLoughlin believes there is still plenty of life

Coinslot Kevin Birch Players Amusements

Kevin Birch: “It’s not all about th...

Apr 08, 2017Comments off

Kevin Birch, owner of Players Amusements, has been impressed by B3 development over the last few years, highlighting an added entertainment value that’s keeping ‘bums

Coinslot - Palace Amusements Godden Gaming B3

Expanding customer base with creative B3 ca...

Apr 08, 2017Comments off

As manufacturers introduce a host of innovative games and B3 cabinets to the market, Jeremy Godden, managing director of Godden Gaming, is on the lookout

Coinslot - Pier bosses £1 coin

Pier bosses count the cost of new £1 coin

Apr 06, 2017Comments off

While many marvelled at the novelty of a new £1 coin last week, pier bosses have been reminding the public of the burden it has

Coinslot - Pub industry UK Brexit

Positive outlook for a very British pastime...

Apr 04, 2017Comments off

Last summer’s Brexit vote may have left many pub owners facing uncertain futures, but diligent work from industry leaders and trade bodies have shored up

Coinslot - ladbrokes Jim mullen FOBTs doomsday

Ladbrokes chief warns of “doomsday” for...

Mar 24, 2017Comments off

Ladbrokes chief Jim Mullen highlights potential job losses and bleak future for betting shops ahead of the proposed B2 max stake drop.   Ladbrokes chief

Betting Business - Malcom George evidence

Approaches to problem gambling must be base...

Mar 20, 2017Comments off

As the industry braces itself for the latest developments in the Government’s review of stakes and prizes, Malcom George, chief executive of the Association of

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